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News: PayPal disabled our account on the afternoon of 9 November. Other organisations and individuals in the UK and the US lost their accounts on the same day. We thank our many donors who have helped us through PayPal to hire sound systems, to buy first aid kits, print leaflets and otherwise conduct our activities.

We are exploring other options, including Bitcoin. Meanwhile, you can be assured that PayPal have not dealt us a setback as our donors have given us a reserve.


Our most recent demonstration against the Islamification of our country – on 20 October – was in Manchester. Our previous demo was in Worcester and we produced a document backing it up that is of special interest to English Christians – read it here.

We arose as a street movement from the English working class to become the forefront of the counter-jihad. We now draw our support from across English society and abroad.

ANNOUNCEMENT: (25/06/16) We have updated our ‘Join Us‘ page, click HERE
ANNOUNCEMENT: We have installed a forum for you to interact with like minded patriots, please register HERE (opens in a new window).

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