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Downing street, London EDL demo September 2014

Downing street, London EDL demo September 2014


In November 2016 a London television company approach the London EDL Division for a TV interview. We could not find anyone who was willing to do this and they did not want someone who was not from London. We offered to respond to questions in writing. Below are the questions they put to us in bold, followed by our answers.

20 November 2016

1. Why is it important to regulate immigration to the UK?

Regulating immigration in all countries is important. The people of the UK are not alone in wanting to make decisions regarding who enters the country and how many enter the country to live. There is nothing sinister about wanting control of immigration. It is common sense!

The British people, through their Parliamentarians, have the right to determine who enters the UK and the conditions under which they stay here.

2. What policies/methods would you suggest for implementing effective border control?

That is up to the politicians to delve into the detail. That is why they are there. We as EDL simply encourage them to come up with a plan that implements what must be possible in a way that is effective, efficient and humane.

3. What are the expectations that you have of migrants coming to live in London?

That they appreciate what a great opportunity they have to live in the one of the best countries in the world; that they get on with integration to our way of life and customs and mores. That they participate in the civil and political processes without undermining those processes like freedom of speech, assembly, the social equality of men and women, the rule of law, one law for all, democracy, etc.

4. What would you say have been the cultural impacts – both positive and negative – of immigration to the UK?

The positive impacts are all around us. People of different cultures and languages get on with their lives, working and contributing to social life in London.

The negative impacts include the lack of willingness to accept the laws and customs of this country and actively work to get rid of them and impose anti-democratic and anti-freedom measures to our communities.

Where a culture, religion or ideology begins to impose itself on the indigenous culture, this development needs to be recognised and discussed openly and honestly.

5. How has this manifested itself in London?

The clearest manifestation is what happened on 7 July 2005, the Islamic bombing of London Transport in which 52 people died and 700 were wounded. Anyone who does not see that event as an attack on everything that this country stands for is wilfully blind and ignorant.

Other Islamically-inspired terrorist have happened throughout the country and many others have been thwarted here in London.

So-called Sharia patrols are coming to the fore. Examples are the incidents in and around Whitechapel in January 2013 and in Leyton/Walthamstow December 2012, which are only well known because they resulted in convictions. Less well publicised incidents since no longer make the news, and are dismissed as merely ‘anecdotal.’

There are a number of Sharia courts known to be operating in London, in particular East London.

Prayers in public and semi-public spaces which block and disrupt normal business and life in the Capital; Examples being outside Westminster Abbey October 2012, in Parliament Square October last year, in Brune Street most Fridays,

Bigamy, Muslim men having more than one wife, with many of these ‘families’ being supported by the State;

The criminal conviction of Lutfar Rahman (sp?) and his political machine to use democracy to undermine democracy and free and fair elections;

Halal products, particularly food. There is enormous difficulty in some areas, Barking springs to mind, of getting non-halal meat, let alone decent pork products — although this problem, like many other points we raise, is not peculiar to London.

You can go to Hyde Park Speakers Corner any Sunday to hear Muslims promote the Sharia and recruit for a sharia-based way of life. The pure hatred of non-Muslims is preached there based on the example of Mohammed and the texts of the Quran.

6. How would you define British cultural values?

Traditional Western values as expressed in this country for over a thousand years, based on Judeo-Christian values and the values of the Enlightenment.

And Fyi

We are proud of English culture!

7. Do you think British culture and British cultural values are at risk of being undermined or opposed by people from different cultures living in London/the UK?

No absolutely not. We are not xenophobic or misanthropic. People from other cultures can decide (or not) to fit into the British way of doing things. If they leave behind those values which are not compatible with our values and decide to learn, appreciate and make those values part of their lives there is no problem. For people who decide not to do this then of course there is a conflict and clash. See point 5 above.

But of course the sheer numbers of immigrants confined to a small location would mean there is less of an incentive for the same to ‘leave behind those values which are not compatible with our values and decide to learn, appreciate and make those values part of their lives there is no problem.’

8. Conversely, can British culture be enriched or positively redefined by foreign cultural influences?

Of course, British culture can absorb all that is good from anywhere in the world and improve on it!

9. In what ways has Brexit been a catalyst for change in the UK?

The Brexit vote has revealed what the majority of people want in the UK. We are now responsible (or soon will be) for our own laws, borders, trade agreements, foreign policies, etc. again, as any sovereign nation should.

10. The Home Office revealed that in the month following the EU referendum there were nearly 5,500 racially or religiously motivated offences reported to the police. Why do you think this is? What solutions would you suggest?

We are not sure what you are asking here. More detail is required. You need to ask those who are committing these offences. We always work within the law and never advocate violence or criminal activity. Also we are aware that many reports of ‘offences’ can be based on people simply being upset by speech critical of Islam; and this is another case of abusing our freedoms to undermine our values. People criticise Christianity all the time without fear of prosecution. The law does not take an even-handed approach when Islam is the focus of attention. But Islam is a set of ideas and beliefs which, like any other set of beliefs, should be open to constant public critique, opinion and comment.

We also note that the main organisation making this claim is Tell MAMA which has been discredited, but people will still listen to them.

We do wonder though if the 5,500 racially or religiously motivated offences reported to the police include racially-motivated sexual abuse of non-Muslim White girls by Muslim/Asian men?

11. Who do you blame for the current socio-political issues surrounding increased immigration to the UK?

Can you be more clear? E.g. what ‘socio-political issues’ are you talking about?

12. Is there anything we haven’t mentioned that you would like to add?

Television producers often think that criticism of Islam can be conducted in a free and open manner like discussions on other religions. You should be aware that that is not the case.

Because of our views, EDL members are threatened by the ‘religion of peace’ people, their appeasers and collaborators. EDL people have been attacked, beaten up, lost their jobs and are in fear of losing their housing because of their association with and support of the EDL. Even our public demonstrations are used to target and attack individuals.

It is not a level playing field when discussing the threat of Islam in the UK. The threats are real and can be frightening.

For every brave person who is willing to stick their face in front of a camera and be critical of Islam there are a thousand who cannot take the risk but work in other ways. Maybe your project can give this angle a mention.


English Defence League, London Division
November 2016



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  1. Regarding question 7.. our values. I live next door to Muslims who use the outside kitchen drains as spittoons and urinal. the fence is used to throw washing over.. my garden the garden on the left is used to throw their rubbish. They were fined for fly tipping. dumping junk in the hedge outside their front. The noise is unbearable as they don’t have carpets. I had to call the police. The WPC said quote. its what they do. told her they were in England now not Pakistan. and its not acceptable here.
    you should have asked why the police will not challenge any Muslims, also why they feel its ok for Asian gangs to wreck the lives of our young white girls. what is it that the police are doing nothing on this issues of Muslims thinking they are untouchable. sadly I cant show you how they have wrecked the house next door. and left me unable to sell mine. I lived happy before those scumbag tenants moved in and brought my street crashing down

  2. I am afraid for my country. I live in a quiet London area in which there are at least 3 muslim schools and a nursery. All the fast food shops and even the local chip shop have halal signs in their windows. Why are the British people and politicians bending over backwards to accept their ways and appease them at every opportunity. I used to love this area but feel that it has been spoiled.
    They are serving in all the shops with specially adapted uniforms so they don’t commit the ultimate sin of showing their hair. They also do not make any attempt to integrate with our society they stick together. I have never seen a muslim woman with anyone of any other religion or race.
    Why are these people here?
    I am worried that within the next 100 years or so this country will be unrecognisable with ourselves being in a minority and mosques on every corner. It’s already happening, why can’t people see this!

  3. Jack
    the reason they are here is the lucrative benefit system we have. Free housing benefits galore. Free NHS. every time I go to Europe its always have you got insurance in case your ill, have you got your E111. so why are we the only country you can come to without medical insurance. you go abroad and run up a bill of 50, or 300k and I bet you wont be able to walk away from it. this is all madness. my country is fast becoming a fools paradise. our NHS will collapse soon not enough of us paying into it. to many scroungers parasites. bleeding it dry
    not to mention the vast cost we now pay to police these immigrants from Syria.
    so our services are at breaking point. schools with 30 languages.
    were at breaking point my country is being crippled by the scourge of the world. and were sitting here doing nothing.

  4. I am so glad about your proud british organisation, created in dark times of destabilized Europe, Mass-Invasion of Hadschis and muslim terrorists. since my grandpa, who fought in WW 2 as a german infantry landser told to me when i was 6 years of age… the brits, Roland are the best and proudest and bravest enemies of Germany. He was right, it was a bad circumstance of history that Germany had to fight England, both of our roots ar germanic and celtic and saxon. So i would like to support your battle against muslim occupation in the further future of christian Europe. Memento mori viator 😉
    Hold on, keep fighting
    P.S. pls. could you send for free some stickers or so, ill gonna do some propaganda for you in Germany, pls leave a reply to my email
    [EDL says: We have replied to Roland directly.]

    1. Hello Roland
      as we hear and see in the news,you, your lovely Country have your own problems .with the muslims. The rape,attacks of brutality on your countryman. i watch what is unfolding in the Nederland.The barbaric vile acts in France. Belgium. i think we will see an uprising.just like Punchbowl in Aussie. Very soon. America can see what is happening across Europe. and President Trump is doing all he can to protect his people,from becoming victims to their barbaric 3rd world mentality.
      just as always my friend it is us, the ordinary working class who suffer. these do gooders who want the muslims here. don,t have to work,or have them as neighbours.
      we need to protect England my country and all that She and her faith stand for.

  5. Fucking scum all of them that don’t belong in the uk. Sirens ever day feels like the Islam Muslim problem getting worse every day. God help us

  6. I have no problem with Muslims or any other faith or cultures. The problem I have is people from other countries who come to Britain and have no interest in mixing with the British people or interest in respecting British culture and values. Yes we are not perfect and yes we have made mistakes in our history but now we are under threat and at war. A war without guns, A war for the soul of Britain. Why is the government doing nothing and allowing Britain to slowly lose its identity? Why are the people not standing up to protect their land? The British people have been brain washed with fear and forced to be politically correct. If I lived in Britain I would stand with my fellow countrymen. The way Britain will lose its culture is the lack of effort of its people to stand up and show solidarity. Stand up for what? Stand up for the right to drink a beer, stand up for the right to debate our concerns without violence. Stand up for the right to put British people’s interests first without being accused of being racist. We all know that calling a man or woman standing up for their country is a way of deflecting the issues and real problems.
    It seems that our three lions are sleeping and when they awake it maybe too late.

  7. Mixing in OK ?
    now we have polish shops here, that only have signs in polish.no where in the 5 shops we have in my area do any signs have English..they just want to bring Poland here. so why do they come here. is it the free housing benefits child allowance which they can send back to their native countries. maybe its the free NHS service. i am beginning to think this is why we are called Great Britain.
    hardly surprising all the scum of the earth wants to come here.
    But how much longer can we sustain them, not enough people paying in to much given out. again we will be the only ones who suffer, as the NHS will crash.
    Along with the influx comes crime. crime rates soaring police numbers dropping.
    the phenomenal cost in, interpreters.
    And the change in our local areas.
    now all that is being built is blocks of flats on most corners. the change is dramatic.the outcome a nightmare. too many people crammed into every space available. no space, parks disappearing. a night mare waiting to erupt. Lets just sit back and do nothing. a

  8. Basically we will never win the struggle if we don’t do the following: First this homepage is not updated enough and needs work to constantly update. Second the EDL needs to use social media that’s how trump got elected. The usual media will not take the EDL side so the fastest way to grow and be heard is through all social media channels. The EDL needs to find members who are more technically savvy. It’s the modern age and to spread the word handing out leaflets just won’t be enough. If the EDL are serious about change they/we must learn and watch closely to how Farrage and Trump gained support and use their techniques.

  9. British culture
    yes we used to live in houses as families,did any of you see scumbag tenants landlords on tv this week. well the police raided a house and there were 40 people living in a semi. the owners lived in the attic.where did all these hmo s come from.
    yes we had student digs,but no more than 5 in a house each had their own room. these people were 10 in a room sleeping back to back.how has our councils and governments let this happen.
    one asian land lord was getting 50k housing benefit for his house. that s our taxes going to scumbag asian landlords. how many more are there out there.
    hardly surprising the hospitals and schools are falling apart.
    how can we allow 1 person 50k a year. claiming rent for his tenants. what the *$*@
    is going on

  10. You can take people out of muslim country but you cannot take the muslim culture out of them . . .

  11. After every terror attack your friendly Muslim leader condemns the attack on th news when everyone knows they are secretly rubbing there hands thinking job well done.

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