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A national anti-sharia strategy to reduce the Islamist threat

No one in the UK is putting forward a coherent, detailed program to protect our country from sharia and the excesses of Islam.

The English Defence League is therefore proposing a
“UK Anti-Sharia Strategy” to fill this yawning gap.

Part 1: Pre-conditions:

  1. We must have an honest, open and unfettered discussion of the issues – This means that all parties to the debate must feel that they have not been pressured or leaned upon to make their case less forcefully than they wish. It also means that no parties to a debate may censure other parties to keep issues, events or matters important to other parties out of the debate. We must recognise that the problem is orders of magnitude greater than one of “social cohesion”.
  2. We must hold on to that which is good – We urge the UK to adopt a policy of fortifying that which is good about our nation and defending it from threats to all that we value. We can do this by defending the liberty, justice and fairness laid down in Magna Carta, in our democracy, and in one British law for all. Without this foundation there can be no freedom or civilisation. We must also not be shy about acknowledging and valuing the Christian roots of our history and culture.
  3. We must act decisively to make Britain impervious to sharia – An open and honest debate conducted on a foundation of confidence in our culture and values will enable us to specify changes we need to make. Our approach is to make Britain unattractive to Islamists and those Muslims who shelter behind their association with a religion – Islam – to protect their criminality and their demands that we must change to accommodate them.

The strategy will be ineffective without these three pre-conditions in place.

Part 2: We must make the UK unattractive to Islamists – it’s as simple as that

Those who threaten our freedoms and civilisation have no place here. Since 9/11, it is clear these include Islamists, Muslims who prefer a ghetto life and those seeking converts to Islam.

What does our anti-sharia strategy target? – This strategy aims to remove or disempower the societal enablers of actions that foster the Islamification of British society.

Who does our anti-sharia strategy target? – The strategy is directed at those who throw their Islamic weight around and act in defiance of the larger society, and at those who seek to change our society in ways that enable yet further Islamification to be demanded. We have all seen “give an inch, take a mile” from Muslim society, and polite, tolerant appeasement and submission from British society. This has to stop. Our strategy will stop it.

Our anti-sharia strategy does not target all Muslims – Our proposal does not affect Muslims who express their faith through private devotions, mosque attendance or family faith observances. These practices do not necessarily weaken, fracture or threaten existing British civil society, or put pressure on our society to change in ways that do not spring directly from our own British needs.

There is room for debate about the content of our strategy, but its scope and its intensity are non-negotiable if we are to survive as a nation. Here it is.

We advocate:

  • Refusing any recognition of sharia courts and councils
  • Not recognising sharia finance officially
  • Bringing halal slaughter under animal welfare laws – without any exemptions – and ending payments for halal certification
  • Banning the wearing of burkas and niqabs in public places
  • Reinstitute the sedition law and close mosques and organisations that promote sedition
  • Ceasing state aid for Islamic faith schools and stopping Islamic home schooling
  • Requiring ethnic televisions channels to broadcast BBC or ITV news in English twice a day
  • Ending public demonstrations that promote or celebrate Islam in the face of non-Muslims
  • Stopping public grants from all levels of government to Islamic organisations
  • Banning all new mosque construction and expansion
  • Ceasing foreign funding of mosques, madrasas, schools, Islamic organisations
  • Stopping amplified public calls to prayer
  • Opening all mosque services and meetings to monitoring by an “Ofsted for mosques”
  • Requiring all imams applying to enter the UK for over three months to pass a test on the English language and culture
  • Granting British citizenship or residence conditional on being subject for life to loss of British citizenship and deportation (at a judge’s discretion) when sentences of over five years (or commensurate fines) are imposed
  • Freeing employers from any obligation to pay wages for time used for prayer or other religious observance during work hours, or to provide facilities or leave for religious observance
  • Allowing criticism, parody and ridiculing of Islam, its scriptures and advocates to be as unimpeded as is criticism, parody and ridiculing of other ideologies and belief systems.

This strategy avoids restricting Muslim entry into the UK. Such a restriction would be impracticable because of definitional uncertainty, the risk of unfairness, difficult cases, an inevitably complicated appeals process, its vulnerability to fraud and its inability to deal with converts. It would also amount to restricting freedom of religion and freedom of thought.

Conclusion – Islamism and sharia are real threats to the UK and the West. Islamism is supported, condoned, and tolerated by a worryingly large proportion of British Muslims. We need to deter Islamists and sharia-pushers from coming to the UK. And we need to persuade those who are here to pull their heads in – or leave.

The American Cardinal Raymond Burke said in 2017 he worries that many people do not understand that when Muslims become the majority in any country they have the duty to submit the whole population to sharia. Well, we are not going to let that day roll over us! We argue that the British people need to put up deliberate and effective defences against sharia now.

Our anti-sharia strategy will make the UK a less favourable environment for expansionist Islamists, while not impeding the faith observance of Muslims who are content to live in British society without demanding it become more and more Islamic. We commend it to the British people in the hope that it will stimulate:

  • learning about the threat from Islamisation,
  • open debate about Islamisation, and
  • action sufficient to eliminate the threat of Islamisation in the United Kingdom.

Edit 5 July 2018: The Danish government has used a similar approach to ours in its 22-point plan to deal with Muslim ghettos https://www.regeringen.dk/nyheder/ghettoudspil/ The Danish plan is more focused than ours, but the Danes show that a comprehensive strategy is feasible and practicable in a Western democracy. We commend the Danish plan to the British government and the British people.
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