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A Disgrace

Enforce the Armed Forces Act!

When you take a job, your employer has a legal responsibility to make sure that your place of work is safe. If there are dangers, your employer is responsible for providing you with training and any protective equipment you may need to reduce the risks to an acceptable level. Sometimes though, the nature of the work is such that it can never really be completely safe. Think of the police, the fire brigade and, of course, the Armed Forces. Not only do we expect these people to risk their lives for us, our own lives depend on them doing just that.

Injuries, even deaths, are then sadly inevitable. When the worst happens, they and we naturally expect their employer to look after them. It’s called a duty of care, and in the case of the Armed Forces, after many years of neglect, this duty of care was enshrined in the Armed Forces Covenant and in 2011 finally encapsulated in the Armed Forces Act. At long last, it meant that military personnel were promised the care they deserved if they were injured during their service.

Fine words, honourable promises but, as they say, words are cheap and so too are politicians’ promises and the lives of those who put their lives on the line to protect ours. Leaving aside the mutilated bodies, missing limbs, hideously mutilated faces, of 2.56 million service veterans, between 4% and 6% suffer from PTSD, that’s something like 140,000 people struggling with mental issues – which sometimes surface decades after their service is just a memory – hidden scars that make normal almost impossible. 3,000 of these need urgent care. It is a national scandal that this duty of care, this covenant, this promise has been broken time and time again, and continues to be broken to this very day despite all the fine words and the posturing politicians capitalizing on the publicity of how they were going to make sure that our “heroes” got what they deserved.

The result? 4% of those starting custodial prison sentences each year are ex-service personnel. Suicides amongst serving and retired service personnel are reaching disturbing levels – in 2012 more died from suicides than were killed on active service – and 3% of the homeless sleeping on our streets are ex-service personnel, that’s more than 7,000 ex-service personnel living rough, people who are already suffering because of their service.

In 2016, 6,500 priority homes were found for immigrants. In 2017, we are told that up to 1,000 islamic extremists who left this country to commit the most vile atrocities in the name of their religion are to be offered free homes in the hope that they will not go on the rampage and slaughter us here as well.

That’s not a scandal, that’s a disgrace. Is it any wonder that recruiting for the Armed Forces has plummeted by 31%? – so far that even with the vicious cuts in manpower made by successive governments, the Armed Forces will be struggling to carry out their normal tasks. But it’s not just a disgrace, it’s also a monumental mistake. Ask yourself this: who is there when your town is flooded? Who comes and rescues you when disaster strikes? Who patrols your streets, guards your venues and keeps you safe from terrorist attack? The police and the Armed Forces. What goes around, comes around, so don’t go crying that you aren’t safe anymore, that terrorists have made your life miserable … think of the homeless veterans that you turned your backs on, they were your protection.

The English Defence League began, in part, as a reaction to the disrespect and abuse given out by Muslims during a regimental coming home parade in Luton in 2009.  The Armed Forces Covenant satisfied the objectives of all who wish to see our service personnel treated with respect and justice. We have often written in support of the Covenant and the full implementation of the Armed Forces Act. We will continue to do so.

We salute our security and military personnel.



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  1. British people condone multiculturism , look at every tv ad , always either black or Pakistani person in it.
    You don’t fool me though , it’s just a do gooder front.
    Everyone is secretly racist, but overtly gutless hence the ads and everyday acceptance.
    Now suck up what you all created .
    You are a disgrace to people that fought hitler to protect white British culture,
    Watch your John Lewis ad !

  2. Well said Colin MUFC! With all the doo-gooder, equal rights, love your Muslim ‘brother’ (forgetting that the dirty son of a bitch wants to cut off your head whilst screaming allah be praised) bull shit it will soon be illegal the be white and proud. I wear a portrait of my grandfather in his ww2 uniform tattooed on me and every time I look at it I think how disgusted he’d be at what the country he fought for has become.

  3. Here’s another: Tesco Christmas ad. Starts out ‘British’ until a load of immigrants make the festivities!

  4. Darren your grandad has been let down by the British people he fought for.
    I cannot personally accept or tolerate PC , feminist , all equal views.
    Cultures are not the same, these Pakistanis amongst others need putting in place in places like Luton , Burnley etc etc etc!
    And there is only one way that they’ll get the message, I’ll leave that to people’s imagination!
    The other is disband every mosque in Britain, practice Christianity or don’t practice any religion.

  5. It just makes me sick to the core. Why must our nation put Muslims ahead of our own people? It’s acceptable to highlight the flaws in a white British citizen yet a whopping taboo to even have a nihilistic/negative thought about an immigrant. A poignant platitude spoken by Einstein himself: it’ not evil people who make the world a bad place, but ‘normal’ peoples TOLERANCE of evil people.
    I would be proud to be British, but the British concept no longer exists in the day to day run of things. And that is a massive shame. The way the country is: unless you have something to say about the Quran or allah shut the hell up because the U.K. doesn’t want to hear you. My grandad emptied Belsen concentration camp and held dying children and thusly referred to nazi’s as scum, because they were. So why can’t we describe the I.S who did the Manchester attack as scum? Because of left wing, sanctimonious, holier than thou, rhetorical, propaganda merchants.

  6. I couldn’t care less about the nations idea of taboo .
    Everything is taboo in Britain , the people are easy meat, they hide behind the word decent , we need to behave f$$$ indecent now and again and give these pakis a f$$$ good hiding in places like and starting with Luton, as these are scum from a third world environment .
    As Bernhard Manning said” In Belfast I don’t know what there fighting about , their all white, what they need is 10,000 pakis dropped in the middle of Belfast , they’ll know they’ve got problems then” Classic ( and true)

  7. Indeed! It’s all a case of sanctimonious pricks believing they’re better than everyone else by ‘doing the right thing’ by our Muslim ‘brother’. I regularly get referred to as racist, and I suppose in comparison to the wet left wing do gooder I am. But I don’t see myself that way, more a case of being pragmatic: if a lift says ‘maximum load 8 people’ that means MAXIMUM LOAD 8, not ‘ oh, once it reaches 8 people no more may enter, but the lift will accept more if they’re muslim’! I’m no more racist than a chaemo-therapist trying to burn out cancerous cells!!

  8. Can I join the edl even if am muslim
    [EDL says: Of course. A few Muslims have marched with us and they tell us many more would if they were not afraid of … other Muslims.]

    1. This is undoubtedly fake

  9. I guess it concerns what lies in your personal value system. I couldn’t care what religion you’ve been ‘branded’ with, but if your core beliefs are devout Muslim ones then I fear the EDL would be a contradistinction/opposition to your beliefs. But, from my point of view a Muslim who wants to embrace EDL views acquiesces and accedes what the core EDL view is: forget the enmity from your Muslim ‘brothers’, and embrace the heritage of the country your culture/creed/religion came to. That is, of course, providing your intentions are virtuous and your not in a ‘Muslim wind up’ by posting.

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