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A side event at the EDL’s demo in Birmingham, 8 April

Background to the English Defence League demonstration in Birmingham

The English Defence League was invited to Birmingham by its West Midlands members to highlight the local Islamic influences that motivated the Westminster jihadist, Khalid Masood. But Masood is not the only jihadist from Birmingham. There has been Britain’s first Al Qaeda-inspired terrorist, Moinul Abedin in 2002, followed by Parviz Khan, Irfan Khalid, Zakaria Boufassil and Mohamed Ali Ahmed. And now Khalid Masood, who lived on the edge of Sparkbrook.

The English Defence League was also determined to continue its campaigning in support of the English girls who have been the victims of Muslim rapists and abusers in over 50 English towns and cities. Our campaigning has taken two angles almost no one else will dare touch: the cover up of the child sexual abuse by the Muslim community and the urgent need to focus on prevention – preventing Muslim men from ever seeing kuffar English girls as their “easy meat”.

The parties protesting against the EDL demonstration

With an agenda like that, we expected Muslim opposition. They have shown us they will use any tactics they can to prevent these two “taboo” topics being aired in public.

Our Birmingham demonstration was no exception. At one end of town the Muslim establishment used the smarmy tactic of inviting citizens in for a “nice cup of tea” – a ploy we often see when we are getting near a delicate nerve.

At the other end of town, Muslim protesters came to disrupt our speeches, to prevent our words from being heard by those Birmingham citizens who wanted to hear what we were on about. The Muslim protesters were not alone. They were supported by leftist radicals whose specialty is disruption. These radicals are largely associated with Unite against Fascism, Hope not Hate, Antifa and local wannabe union oligarchs and apparatchiks. There may have been a few luvvies.

Our understanding is that Saffiyah Khan did not attend the “nice cup of tea” event, but came up from London specifically to participate in the disruption, the silencing of our protest against Islamic terrorism and Muslim child groomers and sexual abusers. She also had the option, as did her co-disruptors, of attending a separate gathering away from our demo which would have reflected her ideological positions.  But it was too much for her, and the many others, to allow us our right to speak to the citizens of Birmingham.

The critical point in the EDL demonstration

Part way through the EDL speeches, one speaker called for a minute’s silence to pay respects to the victims of the Westminster jihadist. And part way through that silence a disruptive cry went up from the crowd opposing us. Our token of respect had been shattered and this offended our foot soldiers, some of whom, hearing the victims of the Westminster attack being deliberately insulted, went up to the disruptors to express their annoyance.

An exchange of insults ensued and the disruption continued for longer than the EDL leaders could tolerate, so one of our leaders, Ian Crossland, went up to the confrontation to urge our people to return to hear our remaining speakers. Crossland spoke to a number of people, most of them from the EDL, but he also spoke with a small number of disruptors. It was in this process that the photograph of the long-time Antifa activist was taken.

There were other photographs and videos taken at the time. The RT/Ruptly video shows Ms Khan being ejected from the disruptors by police and another shows her being led away, a police officer holding each arm.

Ms Khan has provided the celebrity the media were thirsty for: a heroine of freedom and tolerance to stand, paradoxically, for an ideology that despises freedom and explicitly condemns tolerance. The photograph has enabled the media and social media to weave a story around Ms Khan that enables them to ignore the victims of terrorism and grooming gangs and feel good about their wilful ignorance. There is no mention of Ms Khan’s support since at least 2014 for anti-Semitism and Palestinian terrorism.

Mr Crossland did the right thing to confront people – whoever they are – who disrupted our protest against terrorism and child sexual abuse. We hope he continues to do so with the vigour and dedication to the patriotic cause he showed on Saturday.

Praise of Ms Khan for ‘staring down’ or ‘facing down’ Mr Crossland is unwarranted by the actual occasion. The media have pounced on this fleeting image and transformed Ms Khan into yet another tool to avoid dealing with the substance of the EDL’s message.

We doubt that if the roles were reversed and a patriot was in the midst of an Antifa action and insulted them and disrupted them that he/she would have come away unscathed.

The EDL demonstration continued

Following the disruption, our audience listened to speeches on other topics: telling parents they can ask that their children be excused from mosque excursions organised by their school, reminding the audience of their right to criticise ideas like Islam, and asking us to continue our commitment to our children, grandchildren and the English babies yet to be born – all of whom will have to live with the consequences of what we do – or fail to do – on our watch.

More on Mr Crossland
After the demo, Mr Crossland stated on a facebook post: ‘she’s lucky she’s got any teeth left.’ Those of us who know the whole context of the photo both understand and sympathise with Mr Crossland’s frustration and anger.

Mr Crossland merely stated an objective fact.  Bearing in mind that nothing happened to Ms Khan and no physical attack occurred indicates a commendable degree of control by the EDL which our enemies will no doubt try to exploit in future demonstrations. For anyone who is more interested in Mr Crossland’s views than in the back of his head, we suggest they listen to his speeches on Saturday.

Lessons from the Birmingham demonstrations

The police should in future also do better at keeping more space between our demonstration and the anti-democratic and disruptive forces aligned against us. We do not ask that they be silenced or censored, merely that the police use their powers to enable protests and counter-protests to continue without making it easy for those bent on disruption or even violence to achieve those fascist aims.

Our next demonstration is on 3 June in Liverpool.

[As usual we accept comments that add to the debate, but reserve the right to bin insults, profanities and incoherence.]


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  1. Spot on.im not swayed by our media.i know hw they work in this country.keep up the good work.im from brum,but couldn’t make it on this occasion.as you know birmingham has become a hot bed for islamists.not helping are our council,who are a majority Muslim, or sympathisers. Take care


    1. Crusaders why don’t you come to Watford Hertfordshire. most Saturdays the muslims have a quoran marquee right next to our church. they wont answer any questions we ask. they never condemn the barbaric islam beliefs, vile barbaric actions are dismissed.
      Will we become like Ireland. the 2 faiths at war with each other. i think civil unrest will break out.you can only be pushed so far. one thing is for sure History repeats its self.

  3. You tell porkies. Is that why some of you wear pig masks?

  4. Your cause is just but have to learn to discipline yourselfs. No need to confront the disrupter. Crossland’s “teeth” comment was stupid. It reflects badly on your public profile.

    1. Brummie man,I agree. ✌🏻I never thought I would look to the right as much as I have in these past few weeks. Troubled times are here on a a global scale and Islamic ideology and Terrorism is spreading like wild fire. Your cause is just EDL and I support you. Your public profile needs to elevate more than ever at this point in time and etiquette is a must,no swearing in speeches no drinking on demos. Widen your supporters from other defense leagues,join forces and become stronger than ever. Get everyone on your side whom Radicalized Islamics are against. Rise like a Pheonix from the ashes ✌🏻

    2. Also a high percentage on these radicals are supporting and contributing to war in their homelands. Our government are failing us. Terrorist magazines are available on line and not being taken down. These will be falling into the wrong hands.Just google Al Qeada inspire magazine and this will open your eyes,its horrifying and a very disturbing read.

  5. It’s a shame Birmingham is considered a centre for Islamism. Muslims, you idiots, If you want to live sharia, go to these f#@%&!. countries that support it, and don’t stay here, leave us! leave our society! if you want to be here, accept our culture, and Jesus Christ! EDL, keep doing this good work! It’s funny, If muslims don’t accept our culture or Christianism, there is no problem, they can do it, but if the opposite happens it is considered Islamophobia, It is not fair! Leave us you s”#t!

  6. Any publicity is good publicity . This EDL demo has put them back on the the map. So use this as a springboard for further growth. Mainstream media will ALLWAYS lie and distort the truth about the EDL. Embrace your status as outsiders. Nobody likes us and we don’t care. We will never be silenced in exposing Islam. No matter what is thrown at us.†††

  7. the BNP or britain first or liberty GB will never, ever, win even a single council seat, let alone a seat in the house of commons.

  8. Don’t hold your breath, look what is happening across Europe. were gathering speed here. your filthy little corner shops. your disgusting way of life is coming to its end. He who laughs last laughs longest and loudest. were coming to take back our country.
    the damage that’s been done since the early 70s. our high street, now full of your shops, all the tacky junk. that’s the first thing i would get rid of. filthy looking shops. cheap nasty mobile fone accessories, grotty places.All junk from china that lasts a week then ends up in land fill sites.your rags that are made by child labour.vile sweat shops.
    you only need to see images of 20 years ago to see how bad the problem is.
    People who want you here are the ones who don’t suffer you as neighbours. i would like any MP to stay in my house for a couple days. shock them into reality.
    my own opinion is that the creatures next door have never lived in a house before. it now looks like the depths of pakistan. clothes draped over the fence junk in the garden. rubbish dumped in the hedge.
    it just goes to prove that you cannot adjust to living in a western society. They laughed at Hitler, he will never get anywhere, Trump not a chance. Clinton already had her plane ready HA HA
    Watch this place you fools

  9. The mainstream is full of lies and no truth, they serve the interest for minorities only not for the natives who fought for freedom.

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