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An American father’s advice to his son – and to other American fathers

The threat from expansionist Islam (including terrorism and other violence in our own country) and the sharia Islam intends to impose on the West is leading many of us to think carefully and afresh about how our society can best respond.

Some of us have thought also how we, as individuals, can and should respond. There are roles for government and the other institutions of civil society, but there are also actions individuals can take. For example, we support the English Defence League – on the streets and in the media.

Others have considered how they, as parents in families, should prepare for the threat sharia openly promises for our society. Here is advice from an American to his son. The father sets out the nature of the physical threat in the light of world events and encourages his son to become physically resilient in a way which also makes him mentally resilient, responsible and prepared for leadership. His advice has resonances with Rudyard Kipling’s Poem “If” – which was also written addressed to his son.

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An American father’s advice to his son – and to other American fathers

Transcribed by English Defence League from this YouTube video

[From 3 minutes 30 seconds] In terms of martial skill, wrestling has a certain place: because all fights wind up on the ground, the ground game is a great thing to have, right – it’s a great thing to have.

But it is not all things.

But the willingness to close with an opponent, and to inflict upon him your will – learning to do that through being nervous, flat-out shit-scared of this guy, being uncomfortable, dealing with pain. Y’know, some of these moves these kids get into, even when you’re executing it against the guy, sometimes can be uncomfortable for the kid.

[4:10] So I’m trying to explain this to my son. He’s not picking up what I’m laying down. He is not buying the bill of goods. Now I’m really getting hot. I get pissed – y’know what I mean – because: I reject fear, discomfort or pain, as a reason not to do something. That’s not how the world works, man! You have got to stand up! ….

[5:00] Still not buying what I was laying down. So, I said – look at it, man. There are kids in this world, who are right now, training to kill you. Your age and younger (he’s 11). Your age and younger: The “Cubs of the Caliphate”….

[5:25] The Caliphate and Islamic terror and all them bastards are training these kids from infancy, right. So I sat my 11 year old down and I played for him this video – and I’ll put the link below – and it shows this kid – couldn’t be more than three – sawing the head off of a teddy bear with an AK bayonet, right. It talks about these young boys shooting or cutting the head off of these prisoners. Y’know the training that these kids are undergoing.

[6:00] I tried to convey to him that these people are his enemy. Not Islam necessarily but the people who are training kids, and the kids who are being trained in that way want to do him in. No bullshit. No Hollywood movie. Really, really, really. Really.

There’s been a couple of homilies when we were at mass where Father talked about these young kids dying Christian martyrs. In Christianity, dying a martyr is about adhering to the faith, not giving over to the threat of death. These kids are dying adhering to their faith in Jesus Christ and they’re being cut in half! Or beheaded. Or raped to death in front of their parents.

[7:00] So I then brought up this last video from Nice, France, where I just showed him about the first ten seconds and that was way across the line, I turned it off.

But I wanted him to see, man, these are regular people. These aren’t soldiers at war, or cops on the beat. These are just people out having a good time with their family and then some douche couche shows up to do them in.

Last point I made with my son: I brought up the San Bernadino shooting, where the person had pledged allegiance to ISIS. And I showed him where Grandma’s house is – and we’re way less than sixty miles away. That one – that got his attention.

This isn’t some flippin’ hypothetical. …

[8:40] The reason why I’m sharing this ridiculously long, wordy, chunk of family history with you guys is that you need to have those conversations with your kids too. …

[11:00] Anyway, talk to your kids. Tell them your concerns. Push that envelope – they can take it, man – tell them what’s up in the world! So that they can grow up truly understanding the world they’re growing up into. And what they’re likely to face.

We’ve got to make sure these kids are tough enough, that they don’t need a flippin’ “safe place”. They are the safe place. “You want a place to hide? Stand behind me! [11:30] Right. I’ll take what comes.” That’s the kid you want….

[12:10] I hope you guys understand what I’m talking about here. If you don’t have kids yourself, but you’ve got nieces or nephews, grandkids, people in your extended family, kith and kin – man, do whatever you can to raise those kids up to be able to handle the real world that they are likely to face. …. We need them as tough mentally and physically capable as they can be.

Watch the whole video here:

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  1. Exactly.
    Tell your grown-up friends to as everyone needs to toughen-up these days
    Thanks for posting this ^_^!

    1. This post by the American father to his son is WHAT MUST HAPPEN. Our children must be educated in an age appropriate way about the threat of islamification sharia law jihad and all the appallingly disgusting in humane practices that pose a threat to England, society and the World.

      Never forget!! These people WILL and HAVE strapped bomb belts and jackets on young children! This is the level we are dealing with!

  2. It’s not just that these kids need to have pride in who they are, their home, where they come from, what we all believe in, our history, culture, traditions, and celebrations. He’s fighting for something far bigger than himself. He’s fighting for a way of life an idea. He’s fighting for America and the place he wants to call home.

  3. look at every country who s at war. all muslim. all barbaric. stone age behaviour. burning people alive beheading. the very fact that they go into a school and slaughter innocents, blow up their own at markets. do we really want those people in this country.
    we need to let people know the history of the muslims. schools are still teaching the horrors of Nazi atrocities. so when are they going to teach our kids the horror of islam.
    They are shown dreadful pictures of those camps. lets show them the way they treat their own people. throwing them off buildings torture, destruction of their own ancient sites.Do we want these people here.look at the way they treat women. they are still in the dark ages.we are a civilised country.

  4. Also Mothers to Daughters re how Islam treats women & female children re paedophilia FGM, child marriages; and use the same formula as above… viewing videos of FGM’s with rusted-out razor-blades or cut pieces of glass, showing the pain these 3 year old girls are going through; that they are worth LESS then cattle that basically they have NO RIGHTS at all under SL, and i am going to be a bit graphic here. It is the forced arranged marriage of a child-bride.. On the Wedding night a goat as a “gift is brought to the 50 year old “husband” (ie paedophile). He has sex with the goat, then he rapes his child bride AFTER he has already put his filthy penis into the goat… That’s how depraved Islam is for women and under-age brides.. A real stone-age tribal cultural way of life that couldn’t give a hoot about female whatsoever… I dont want this filth in modern-day Australia… no-one should… our govts esp in UK & Australia conservative or not are bowing down in submission to this barbaric regime that when it comes to depravity their primitive minds knows no boundaries. Their culture , their behaviour and even their 10% of a religion, (IMHO) that is just a smokescreen, dress it up with God to make it holy and true… This a pure satanic cult.. think of spirit bloodletting (or whatever Hillary does) its that level of depravity we are talking about here..

  5. you have hit the nail on the head. how can a religion, be so vile, such cruel,evil, when you look at how they treat their own. can we be surprised. when they go into a cinema, a pub supermarket. and kill and maim innocent civilians.kids left scarred.as parents blown up in front off them. lives torn apart. In shallah IN THE NAME of GOD. Does any country in civilised Europe want these people.NOT HERE NOT NOW NOT EVER

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