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Bungling by the UK Home Office – so frequent it must be deliberate

The UK Home Office

The Home Office is a sprawling collection of agencies responsible for immigration, security and law and order. As such it is responsible for the police, fire and rescue services, visas and immigration, border protection and the Security Service (MI5).

A decade ago a former Home Secretary declared the Home Office was “not fit for purpose” and so it lost its law, justice and prisons responsibility. But it still appears to be unmanageable.

The present Home Secretary, Amber Rudd has not publicly backed the Home Office. More particularly, the Home Secretary has not publicly backed the UK Border Force.

The problems confronting Border Force

Every year thousands – tens of thousands – of illegals break into Britain – despite the fact that our island status means our borders are far easier to secure than the borders of any other European nation.

The Home Office says it “disrupted” (not prevented) 56,000 attempts at illegal entry last year.

About 40 illegals are detected in Dover on an average day and the media have given up reporting individual illegals caught in lorries or under buses well beyond our border ports because occurrences are too frequent to be reported as news. It’s only when more than five are discovered in one vehicle that even a local paper can be bothered reporting it.

Every one of these breaches of our borders is a failure by Border Force, an agency of the Home Office.

Border Force must be fully supported by the government

But we mustn’t blame Border Force. They have good staff up and down the line. In the face of the intense threat, they need, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, “the tools to carry out the job”. This is what the Home Secretary must do to show that she and the Tory government are as serious as the majority of Britons are about stopping illegal entry across British borders.

The Home Secretary must speak directly (and on the public record) to Border Force staff and tell them their job is to defend our borders. She must ask them to let her know how their ability to fulfil their role could be improved. She must tell them that she will see to it that they get the staff, the equipment, the training and the public support they need. No excuses. No buck-passing. She must inspect a different Border Force unit every week to hear directly from staff and refresh her commitment directly to them.

There must be no childish window-dressing for the media about calling in the Marines or the Army – unless the government really wants illegals to be stopped with gunfire from SA80A2 assault rifles. No sane person really wants that.

Is the Home Office up to managing Border Force?

The truth is, the English Defence League do not have sufficient faith in the Home Secretary. Nor do we have a lot of faith in the Home Office. The Home Office is still not fit for purpose. It is not merely incompetent. Its incompetence has a shape and pattern that reeks of infighting, betrayal and hidden agendas as well as ineptitude.

Here we lay out recent examples to illustrate the nature of the Home Office’s inadequacy. The Home Office:

  • Ruled out dental checks to verify the ages of asylum seekers/ “child migrants”
  • Pushed the police and CPS to prosecute Tommy Robinson and Tim Burton
  • Hid the number of illegal immigrants
  • Keeps from the public their own estimate that 150,000 illegals break into Britain successfully every year. (in the Daily Mail paper edition only – editorial 4 August 2017)
  • Tried to censor Dame Louise Casey’s report on Islamic extremism and political correctness
  • Set up a whitewash inquiry into sharia courts
  • Suppressed a report on the nature, scale and origin of the funding of Islamist extremism in the UK
  • Was called “scandalous” by Lord Justice Gross for its chronic delays in extraditing child stealer Gilbert Deya
  • Hid from the public that there are one million illegals in the UK who won’t be deported
  • Failed to enforce Government rules on ex-civil servants requiring approval before taking up employment with conflict-of-interest implications
  • Employs people who don’t/won’t/can’t call our country “Home”
  • Lost track of hundreds of dangerous foreign criminals awaiting deportation from Britain
  • Under-resourced Border Force, and failed to give them top-level, public backing
  • Employs/contracts/listens uncritically to a string of ethnic and religious advisers.

With a record like this, is there any wonder that Britain’s borders are successfully penetrated every day? The English Defence League calls for a Border Force that works and a Home Office that is recognised for its dedication to the safety and security of our homeland.


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