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I had a dream

I had a dream that … one day I picked up my copy of the daily newspaper and read this statement on the front page: Dear British people We, the imams and leaders of every mosque, masjid and Islamic centre in Britain, are sincerely sorry for the atrocities committed in the name of our faith. […]


EDL statement on the Islamic attack at London Bridge – Saturday 3 June 2017

Last night “soldiers of Allah” once again attacked innocent people, killing at least seven and seriously injuring others who were out for an enjoyable evening in the city. This is yet another terror attack that has slipped through the UK’s counter-terrorism surveillance operation. We have no criticism of MI5 and their police counterparts (especially the […]


EDL statement on the attack at Manchester Arena: A plea for change

Yesterday we were among the few who remembered the fourth anniversary of the Islamic murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22 May 2013. Today we have been forced by ghastly events to think of the victims (22 killed, over 100 injured), their families, acquaintances and the people of Manchester and others who were […]


“Three Girls” – whatever you do, don’t mention the ‘M’ word …

If you wanted to write a drama about child grooming, where would you choose? According to Rotherham Labour MP Sarah Chapman, there may have been more than a million white children abused up and down the country by gangs of predatory Muslim Asian men. Bradford, Halifax, Rochdale, Nottingham, Calderdale, there’s plenty of choice. Take Calderdale […]


A side event at the EDL’s demo in Birmingham, 8 April

Background to the English Defence League demonstration in Birmingham The English Defence League was invited to Birmingham by its West Midlands members to highlight the local Islamic influences that motivated the Westminster jihadist, Khalid Masood. But Masood is not the only jihadist from Birmingham. There has been Britain’s first Al Qaeda-inspired terrorist, Moinul Abedin in […]

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