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English Defence League statement on our demonstration in Wellington on 12 May

Yesterday the English Defence League demonstration in Wellington (near Telford) was disrupted by the opponents of free speech who were given free rein by the police to overturn the demonstration arrangements previously agreed with them. Our plans for the demonstration -The police had agreed to our plans for a mustering, march, and demonstration with speeches […]


Bungling by the UK Home Office – so frequent it must be deliberate

The UK Home Office The Home Office is a sprawling collection of agencies responsible for immigration, security and law and order. As such it is responsible for the police, fire and rescue services, visas and immigration, border protection and the Security Service (MI5). A decade ago a former Home Secretary declared the Home Office was […]


What English people need to know about sharia

“Sharia law” is presented in the Western media as a collection of bizarre, quaint and unusual punishments (like amputation for theft, stoning for adultery, death for renouncing Islam) and protocols (differential divorce and inheritance rules for men and women) and other matters covering similar topics. We are led to think of them as operating either […]


The Twitter account of the English Defence League has been purged

The English Defence League was among a number of individuals and organisations whose Twitter accounts were purged on 18 December 2017, the day Twitter introduced its new rules. The purge of a tranche of accounts was, in our opinion, a planned, contrived operation – Orwellian in its implications and sinister in the secretive alliances that brought the […]


The EDL responds to the Chairman of Peterborough’s Faizan e Madinah mosque

Mr Abdul Muquaddas Choudhuri, Chairman of Peterborough’s Faizan e Madinah mosque, has written in Peterborough Today on 28 October about what he calls “EDL myths”. He makes his task easy by: (a) misrepresenting our position, and then (b) criticising his own misrepresentation – not the EDL. The English Defence League comes out of this unscathed. […]

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