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Church Leaders again betray their Flock, Communities and Country

Planned Mosque

Again Church and State unite against parishioners and citizens who would raise their voices against the existential threat to our traditional faith, culture and country.

As sure as night follows day, whenever the English Defence League announces a demo location and date the ‘good’ people of said location toot their virtue horns and say that we are not welcome.  Our next demo is on 21 July in Worcester.  We will be demonstrating our opposition to the planned new Mosque costing £3 million.  (As an aside, we wonder where the money is coming from?)

CHURCH leaders across Worcester have signed an open letter supporting plans for a new £3 million mosque in Worcester.

Members of the Church of England clergy in Worcester East Deanery backed the bid for the contemporary building on Stanley Road in the letter to Worcester Muslim Welfare Association general secretary Mohammed Iqbal.

The display of halo polishing on the part of these leaders is sickening.  Leaders should lead.  Instead, they fall in line with Labour Party policy which is to approve of Mosque applications.  It has been said in the past that the Church of England is the Tory Party at prayer.  Well that was in the past.  These Leaders cannot wait to get to the head of the queue for a few good pats-on-the-back for their community cohesion efforts.

So what do they actually say?  But wait, let’s look first at how they said it.

‘The Reverend Paul Honniball and Reverend Kalantha Brewis read out the letter during the interfaith Iftar at the mosque in Tallow Hill on Monday (June 11) evening just before worshippers broke their fast.’

So at an interfaith Kumbaya gathering, the clergy affirmed the Muslim fasters in their Ramadan practices.  The fasting of Ramadan is supposed to benefit the Muslim community by increasing their ‘spiritual’ resolve to be better Muslims.  You will have seen advertisements around the country also promoting the giving to the poor as an offering to Allah.  Sort of sounds good doesn’t it?  But these ‘spiritual’ efforts result in less love for non-Muslims and more commitment to jihad.  Consider the Ramadan Bombathon of 2018:

The final score this year is 182 attacks and 854 killed – all in the name of Islam.  And this happens every year!  The annual slaughter of Ramadan often matches that which occurs at Christmas time.

Also the zakat, ‘giving to the poor’, is a matter of funding this jihad.  Quran 9:60 contains the guiding principle of this ‘giving to the poor’.  Also included in this giving are activities that are associated with or ‘for the cause of Allah.’

The first part of the verse (Alms are for the poor and the needy’…) sounds like normal charity but according to Reliance of the Traveller (a classical manual of Islamic jurisprudence). “It is not permissible to give zakat to a non-Muslim.”  The same text goes on to list the legitimate targets of charity, which include “those fighting for Allah, meaning people engaged in Islamic military operations.”

So these ignorant (to make the best assumption) Church leaders are lending their support to ‘charity’ funds which go to help Muslims only and to terror.

As if that is not enough for them, they to go on to support the building of the Mosque.  Such support adds more fuel to the fire of social destruction.

Just what do they think Islam is about?  They have an obligation to read the Islamic texts and satisfy themselves that they understand the meaning of the texts and how these texts are used by Muslims.

  •     We learnt last year that Muslims simply can’t be trusted when they hide behind Arabic texts: In Glasgow Cathedral a Muslim preacher went beyond the text she was scheduled to read to surreptitiously insert Koranic verses that run counter to the biblical account, saying that Jesus is not the Son of God and is not to be worshiped. And that Jesus said “Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. https://spectator.org/jihad-in-the-cathedral/

So we had a Muslim laughing up her sleeve that she had preached that Jesus was not the son of God at a Cathedral Epiphany service while naïve Anglicans beamed with approval. Of course, the Muslims involved in this sorry episode laid low and refused to explain their deception.

As well as reading the texts of Islam carefully in an informed way, they should also look at countries where Christians and other non-Muslims are persecuted by Muslim majorities.  Whenever Christians are perceived to be getting a bit uppity, say in Egypt or Pakistan, there follows a wholesale destruction of churches.

So they ignore the destruction of Churches in Muslim majority countries and support the building of mosques in this country.  Okay, so they may have said something about this destruction; but, why oh why, make it easier for the co-religious of these arsonists and murderers overseas to plant the same teachings here in the UK?  For make no mistake about it.  The Muslims there and here are all reading the same Quran, Hadith, and Reliance of the Traveller.  They all follow the same leader: Mohammed.  Islam is an international religion which does not preach differently in one part of the world from another.  Muslim preachers cannot because they all read the same texts.  Even Imams circulate from there to here to preach death to the Kaffir, both gay and straight.  The only difference is the context, which is why they (some of them anyway) behave differently.

The sheer blindness and ignorance of this action is hard to fathom.

The Leaders say: “There is so much that is done by the Muslim community in Worcester that is so positive…”  And a Muslim spokesperson was pleased with the support from these leaders.  He said: ‘We should be all working together especially in churches and mosques.’

This is all missing the wood for the trees.  The purpose of a mosque is to spread the religion and power of Islam.  The Islamic ideology is in direct competition to other belief systems and it hopes one day to crush them, violently if need be, and put those church leaders out of a job and convert their churches into Mosques.  There cannot be any harmony, in the long term, with such a belief system.  They seek converts and when they get enough followers they will seek political power.  When that happens do these church leaders expect reciprocal support for their church buildings and communities?

These church leaders have proven themselves to be sheep helping wolves set up shop in our city centres up and down the country.


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