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Demo: Our Return to Wellington

Some of the UK Rape Jihadists

The title of the Shropshire Star article is the start of the problem!
It is:
‘Multi-faith anti-racism event to run in tandem with Wellington EDL march’

Well, the English Defence League is anti-racist and has always been opposed to any sort of racism and anti-semitism.  The EDL is also multi-faith.  Supporters and participants are of many faiths and none.  We do not discriminate for or against faith groups.

They produce this headline as if it is in opposition to the aims of our organisation and the purpose of our demonstration at Wellington on Saturday.

The article quotes the group who wants us to stop our demonstration and who proudly says: “This was not because we object to freedom of speech but…”

Notice the ‘but’!  This is the line tyrants and fascists have always used to bully and intimidate anyone they disagree with.  That is exactly what happened last year along with a host of broken promises by the police who had agreed to support our right to demonstrate peacefully in the town square, give a few speeches and then leave.

Once again these self-appointed local leaders, politicians, activists or all sorts, and church people want us to stay away and not deliver our messages of the problems of Islam, and the Muslim rape gangs that have plagued this country and various towns in northern England for years, including Wellington.  The joint statement, signed by the Muslim and Christian leaders, says: ‘The march would not provide answers for victims or survivors of CSE [child sexual exploitation].”  And they know this how?

There have been hundreds, yes hundreds, of Muslim men convicted of child sexual abuse of English girls. A few of these hundreds are listed here:


What will these multi-faith delusionists in Wellington be doing to prevent hundreds more of our girls falling foul of these predators? What are their proposals?

Will these religious leaders and the other groups opposing our freedom and right to demonstrate speak about the inherent misogyny found in Islam?  Will they speak up for the thousands of under-aged white girls raped, groomed and exploited by Muslim rape gangs throughout this country for years and years?

They will not, but we will. And one reason we continue to do so is because community leaders like this Wellington group do nothing.

EDL National demo – Wellington (Telford)

16 March 2019



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