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EDL Demo Wellington 13 April 2019

When the English Defence League suspended our 16 March return to Wellington, we said we would consider another date for exercising our rights to freedom of assembly and free speech.

That date is 13 April.

We suspended our demo out of consideration for the pain and suffering caused by the Christchurch, New Zealand, mass murder and to give the Muslim community and the world time to grieve and reflect on these events.

As we said in our earlier statement and have always maintained, we make a distinction between Muslims as individuals and the ideology of Islam. Muslims are not just a part of Islam but are also individuals with their own choices to make in life and conscience, just like non-Muslims.

By suspending our demonstration, however, we did not abandon our purpose of calling attention to the dangers of radical Islam. This is our right, even our duty as people who love our country and seek the best for the realm using the traditional process of debate and discussion in the public square.

While the New Zealand attack was horrific, we shouldn’t let it blind us to the persistent atrocities perpetrated in the name of Islam around the world today.  And for the last 1400 years, since the founding of Islam by Mohammed, Muslims have been as much the target of radical Islamic violence as non-Muslims.

The demonstration on 13 April will focus on the many problems faced by our society due to the political and social implications promoted and encouraged by the teachings of Islam.

Examples include:

  • the ongoing rape jihad in the area and wider region;
  • Full-face coverings,
  • Female genital mutilation,
  • Wife beating (Quran 4:34),
  • Refusal to shake the hands of dirty kaffirs (Quran 9:28),
  • Praying every Friday for “victory over the unbelievers” (Quran 2:286)
  • Halal food promotion and force-feeding in our schools and offices,
  • Muslim men ‘marrying’ up to four women at one time (Qur’an 4:3),
  • The killing of apostates (Bukhari 009.084.057),
  • The prohibition of Muslims making friends with non-Muslims (Quran 3:28),
  • The eternal hatred of non-Muslims and especially Jews (Quran 60:4, Qur’an 3:112, Qur’an 2:61),
  • The eternal oppression and war on all non-Muslims (Quran 9:29),
  • The so-called marriage of Mohammed to a nine year-old girl (Bukhari 005.58.236),
  • The belief that Mohammed is the perfect man and example for all time (Quran 33.21),
  • Terrorism as a means of changing society (Quran 8:39)
  • Etc.

We invite all to attend, listen and learn.



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