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EDL statement on the 2017 Newcastle grooming/abuse trials

The English Defence League provides the following statement on the four grooming/abuse trials that were concluded in Newcastle yesterday.

Instead of a micro-analysis of the evidence, the investigation, the trials and the verdicts, we put these trials in the national context, because this will be more likely to lead – ultimately – to the prevention of all crimes like these in the future.

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What are the causes of these outrages?

Firstly, let’s look at the common factors:

  • Almost all the perpetrators have Muslim names and a heritage from Muslim countries and cultures.
  • Most of their victims are non-Muslims. Most are English, but Sikh girls have also been victims in the UK – since 1988.

Secondly, there is a straight line that can be drawn from the Koran through to the behaviour of the Newcastle gang – and other gangs like them across the UK.

In the Koran, Muslims are told they are the best and that non-believers are trash:

You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind. (Koran 3:110)

Jews and Christians are the worst of creatures (Koran 98:6)

Allah has no love for unbelievers (Koran 3:32)

One of the Newcastle gang, Badrul Hussain, was reported in court as declaring: “All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to f*** and use as trash, that is all women like you are worth.” The leader of the 2012 Rochdale gang, Shabir Ahmed, declared “We are a civilised society. We are the supreme race”.

Thirdly, the straight line continues through the misogyny promoted and lived in mosques and their congregations in Britain. There Muslim women are separated from men and exhorted to be moral and pure. Imams contrast a pure Muslim woman with English women whose dress is deemed immodest, whose independence is condemned and whose behaviour is deemed licentious. We know that in the Trojan Horse schools children as young as six were told that Western women are “white prostitutes”.

So, what’s the status of non-Muslim British girls in Muslim eyes?

In 2013 Mohammed Shafiq wrote a sermon to be read in all mosques in the UK saying that Muslim participation in sexual abuse of non-Muslims is a crime forbidden in Islam. In only a small minority of mosques was the sermon read. This was probably because most imams know that this is not a crime Islam forbids, but more than this, it is behaviour Islam condones in its references to the treatment of non-Muslim sex slaves.

Fourthly, the straight line goes through to the life experiences of Muslim men in the UK. They are faced with Western society that puts the lie to Allah’s claim that they are the best of peoples. Muslim cab drivers ferry around people who are they are taught are their kuffar inferiors. Muslims serving kebabs to English girls know that these girls should be their sex slaves. English girls enjoy themselves in ways “good” Muslim girls can’t– and yet they are not punished. Muslim men are bitter and resentful. They are motivated to set the world right, to take out their resentment on, for example, easily available kuffar girls. They feel justified in punishing them.

Judge Gerald Clifton, summing up the notorious 2012 Rochdale trial said:

“All of you treated them as though they were worthless and beyond any respect. One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion.”

The failures of the establishment that enabled these outrages

By “the establishment” we mean government, politicians, media, churches, educators and the bulk of opinion formers, decision-makers and influence-holders in civil society that enabled past outrages and is as you read this enabling the next ones

It is a situation which defies belief. These were public servants, who would not talk about child rape and prostitution, which they knew had been going on for years. They were not the rapists. They were not being paid by the criminals. But political correctness and multiculturalism had left them too scared to speak about these horrific crimes. No wonder these grooming gangs felt untouchable … The tyranny of political correctness meant that they did not dare articulate or even acknowledge what they were seeing and hearing. [“Easy Meat”, 2016, page 41]

The police deliberately gave the rapists of English girls the nod in 2005 that they’d be spared investigation. In The Betrayed Girls (BBC, July 2017) the narrator describes how the 2005 London Transport bombings stimulated rising “Islamophobia” which “the authorities” were determined to hose down because of its effect on community cohesion. Pulling back from Muslim Child Sexual Exploitation investigations was one thing the police could do to ease pressure on the Muslim community. The documentary does not reveal whose bright idea this was. An ethnic adviser to the Home Office, perhaps?

The police were the same across the country. West Midlands Police is a force that admitted in 2015 to burying a report on the sexual exploitation of over 100 girls to avoid the issue influencing the 2010 General Election. Yes: an English Police Force went along with the continuing criminal abuse of English girls on their beat. In Rotherham, there are over 50 investigations into alleged police misconduct linked to child sex crimes – in that one town. All over England police forces have admitted they made serious mistakes in the way they treated the rape jihad. But they are not admitting it openly; they have been using weasel words to tell us they have “upped their game”, “improved their responsiveness”, “given it our highest priority”, “learned lessons” and other similar bureaucratic non-apologies to the hundreds girls who were abused to the point of PTSD while the police sat knowingly on their hands.

Let’s look at the media. In 2004 Nick Griffin exposed on BBC television all that needed to be known to justify a full-scale investigation into this grooming/rape jihad scandal.

Listen to the BBC interviewer Gavin Eslar in that video put the establishment line: Eslar does his best to ensure, in effect, that the rape jihad can continue without disruption. Nick Griffin, of course, was the leader of the British National Party (a party explicitly critical of the EDL since our inception) and the establishment saw the BNP under Griffin as a threat. He could indeed have been a threat. So West Yorkshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service worked hard to have him jailed, disrupting his public exposure for two years. Even today, there is almost universal refusal by the media to acknowledge Griffin’s role in bringing the rape jihad crimes before the British public.

Another media example: Andrew Norfolk of The Times. Andrew Norfolk has done good work on this issue, but much of his achievement was due to his position on a respected newspaper. In the BBC’s The Betrayed Girls Norfolk says: “To my shame I allowed my liberal fear about giving succour and credence to the British National Party to act as a brake on actually doing my job.” Norfolk eventually trawled through media and court reports to compile an exposé of the grooming gangs in January 2011. He also says in The Betrayed Girls that he took it on as his mission to claim the story of Muslim grooming gangs from the far right, epitomised by the EDL. The left at both the BBC and at The Times are committed to protecting their ideology far ahead of protecting English girls.

A third example: Child sex abuse by Catholic clergy cf. Muslim men. The media freely connect child abuse with religion when it involves Catholics: but when it involves Muslims, the very word is taboo. Here journalists apply their template: sneer at traditional British culture (like British religions) and protect non-British, enriching culture (like Islam). Instead of “Muslim”, the deliberately vague and misleading term “Asian” is used to add a racial dimension to the discussion, while subtracting the opportunity to consider the religious dimension. Edgy journalists occasionally step beyond “Asian” to the awkward “of Pakistani heritage” or simply “Pakistani”. But even in 2017, the majority of reports of sex crimes revert to the timorous and inaccurate “Asian” – never “Muslim”.

The failure of the Muslim community to accept ownership of the outrages

We wrote above that the causes of the rape jihad lie in Islam. Sadly most Muslims not only refuse to accept the substance of that proposition, but contrive victimhood and offence when it is even raised for consideration. They demand no free speech or discussion of the issue. They condemn any criticism as Islamophobia and dismiss it as coming from “the far-right”.

The Muslim response to these Newcastle trials – The Chronicle reports today that “Faith leaders from across Newcastle have come together to condemn the horrific actions of those convicted in Operation Sanctuary”. Of course they do. That’s the easy bit, with Muslims drawing their wagons into a circle, while being comforted by non-Muslim virtue-signallers. What the Muslims like their spokesman Dipu Ahad will not do is to condemn the misogyny in Islam, disowning specific misogynistic verses in the Koran – like 4:24 and 4:34. They will not condemn the passages in the Koran that assert Muslim superiority and dominance over non-Muslims – like Koran 3:32, 3:110, 98:6-7 and 2:286 – the last of which is frequently prayed in British mosques with its call for “victory over the non-Muslims”. They will not disown the sex-addicted and paedophile behaviour of Mohammed reported in the Hadith; on the contrary, they insist Mohammed’s behaviour – even for today – is the model of perfection.

The Muslim response to the 2012 Rochdale case – In The Betrayed Girls,

  • Ann Cryer (ex-MP) tells us that when Rochdale Muslim elders were confronted about the Muslim gangs, they said “It’s got nothing to do with us. End of story.”
  • Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadan Foundation says “There is nothing, absolutely nothing in my faith, Islam, that justifies this type of despicable and evil crimes.” He adds “I was told I was bringing the community down by talking about these issues, and they didn’t want me to talk about this or raise these issues.”

The Betrayed Girls did not include:

  • Shabir Ahmed, the gang leader, after telling the court that he often prayed to Allah, blamed the white community for allowing teenage girls to go around unsupervised, so that at a young age they were “trained” in both sex and drinking.

We should not become absorbed by the trial of the moment, whether it be in Newcastle, Oxford, Rochdale or Rotherham. Across England the media have reported on well over 100 trials in over 50 centres that fit the “rape jihad” mould.

Grooming Gangs

The culpability of the Muslim community in its shielding of child abusers

The cover-up of child sexual grooming by Muslim men – The media have reported on the cover-up by police, local authorities and even MPs. In Newcastle they have pounced on the secondary issue of a payment of almost £10,000 to an informant. But the vigour of all this media witch-hunt, anger and outrage is displacement activity. It’s a red herring to draw attention from the bigger cover-up: the cover-up by the Muslim community of their crimes and criminals.

The Muslim community’s cover up of their child abusers – We are not told how many suspects were considered for trial in Newcastle, but we can say that all those with a case to answer would have been tried successfully years ago if the Muslim community was not stonewalling. Only in Rotherham has there been a takeover of these cases by the National Crime Agency (Operation Stovewood), so only in Rotherham are the dimensions of the criminal activity made public. There is still a Muslim wall of silence. Those with inside information have been persuaded, intimidated or accustomed into protecting the criminals, actively or passively. Their cover-up holds firm to this day.

What does the cover-up look like? – Because of the scale and duration of the abuse, and the arrogant and boastful characters of the abusers, the abusers’ parents, siblings, imams, workmates, business associates, community leaders, aunts, uncles and other acquaintances (including their wives and children) must have been aware of it. Andrew Norfolk told us in The Betrayed Girls “In one tiny town it was even a generational thing there where they had fathers who had been doing this to the mothers of young girls who were now being groomed and abused by these men’s sons.” All these Muslims clammed up. 
At the very least, they asked no questions and looked the other way to protect their own.

The damage from the Muslim community cover-up – If there was no Muslim wall of silence, there would never – could never – have been 1,400 child sexual abuse victims in Rotherham. And 1,385 Rotherham victims would not still be waiting to give evidence in trials of their abusers. In Newcastle there ware 102 “potential victims” but only 20 were given the opportunity to appear as witnesses in court. In the 2012 Rochdale case there were 47 identified victims, but only five of these, just 10%, were called to give evidence. Again, if Muslims ‘in the know’ had come forward, the many other Newcastle abusers of all 102 English girls would have been brought before British justice.

“What British Muslims Really Think” – In his Channel 4 program, Trevor Phillips told us that 39% of British Muslims believe wives should obey their husbands – so Muslim women are not inclined to expose their criminal menfolk, even for grooming abuse of English girls.

Nothing less than two Royal Commissions – Our nation and our future generations deserve two thorough enquiries, with Royal Commission powers to compel witnesses including those retired, even those overseas:

  • one into the cover-up of that abuse – by other Muslims as well as by government officials,
  • another into what motivates Muslim men to abuse English girls on an extraordinary scale.

   This is not the EDL’s own idea. It comes straight from the Serious Case Review of the 2012 Oxford grooming gang investigation: “With a significant proportion of those found guilty nationally of group CSE being from a Pakistani and/or Muslim heritage, relevant government departments should research why this is the case, in order to guide prevention strategies.”

   Why has this recommendation not been acted upon? Another cover-up!

A note on the rape jihad

The rape jihad has manifest itself in many ways in recent years. As well as the grooming/rape epidemic here in England, there was the infamous New Years Eve attack in Cologne in 2015-16, the treatment of Yazidis by ISIS (justified explicitly by quotations from the Koran and Hadith), the kidnap by Boko Haram of the girls in Chibok, Nigeria, and the triumphal behaviour of the abusers’ relatives on the final day of numerous rape gang trials. The crimes revealed in Newcastle yesterday should be seen in this context.




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  1. ‘What the Muslims like their spokesman Dipu Ahad will not do is to condemn the misogyny in Islam’

    Spot on. Nor will these self-service Muslims deny that the goal of Islam is to conquer and dominate non-muslim societies. The rape jihadists are foot soldiers in the weakening and demoralising of traditional British values. Their horrible crimes are a preview of what all of society faces – unless we wake up and deal with Islam as we should.

    1. Time to repatriate all Muslims who commit racially aggravated sexual offences, or if British born to detain them indefinitely until an appropriate Islamic nation is willing to take them off our hands. Such people are likely to be more than just rapists.

  2. Dear EDL. This is an excellent and very well worded statement that clearly sets out, for the public and the Establishment both the extent of the crimes, the motivation for them and the way that the Muslim community is doing damn near nothing to sort out the problems that their community has caused. I agree with Kinana that these rapes are a form of jihad and are as just as much a part of the ideology of Islam as other forms of violent jihad.

  3. What incenses and makes me furious is this. Why, if you admit, correctly so, you don’t like muslims because of these atrocities, your branded as having islamophobia. Yet, the same people who sanctimoniously do the branding, won’t brand a world war two veteran as having had Nazi-phobia? The muslim community want to end the western community, as did the Nazi’s; where’s the difference? As well as their Aryan views, the Nazi’s actually had some bizarre,’supernatural’ beliefs, as do the muslims. Ergo, NO DIFFERENCE. The world makes me sad.

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