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EDL statement on the attack at Manchester Arena: A plea for change

Yesterday we were among the few who remembered the fourth anniversary of the Islamic murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22 May 2013.

Today we have been forced by ghastly events to think of the victims (22 killed, over 100 injured), their families, acquaintances and the people of Manchester and others who were among the 18,000 concert goers at the Manchester Arena last night.

The facts of this particular incident are still coming together and it will be a long time before the police work is complete.

We are urging the people of Britain to begin their work today.

The terrorist’s IED explosion

Last night 18,000 people, including many children, were at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. As the crowds were leaving, jostling shoulder to shoulder, managing tiny steps in the crush, a terrorist detonated an improvised explosive device (IED) and the happy crowd became body parts. We now know that the wearer of the IED was among those killed. So were English children and other innocent people. Some of the wounded will be scarred and probably disabled for life. Scores of English families will be changed forever by the blast.

The courage of first responders

The first responders included ordinary people who courageously and generously stopped what they were doing and joined official police and ambulance staff to help in every way they could.

Now is the time a different form of courage

Now we need “pre-responders” – people like the English Defence League supporters who have been campaigning for years for changes in our society so that tragedies like the Manchester attack don’t happen again.

Politicians, businesses, NGOs, the churches and citizens must now summon up courage to show that they are more fearful of terrorist attacks than they are of being called racists and Islamophobes.

Will we get the “same old, same old”?

After this attack, are we going to get the same old cliches of:

  • Speeches from “leaders” who lack the courage to say anything other than “We are not going to let this affect our way of life”?
  • New avatars and profile pictures, circulating a #PrayForManchester hashtag, lighting up a building with red, white and blue?
  • Misdirected concern and resources devoted to investigating accusations of Islamophobia?

What do we imagine the people from ISIS who claimed this attack as one of their own think of our worn out battery of pathetic responses? They are laughing at our sentimentality. They are scornful of our reluctance to engage them in the war they have declared on us.

Of course people will change. For one thing, after Bataclan on 13 November 2015 and after last night’s attack, many people will decide that going to concerts is now not worth the risk. But the change we advocate is much greater than that.

What lies behind this attack?

The deadly explosion last night is a direct result of certain decisions – and failure to make other decisions – by our leaders. But let’s be honest – and now is an opportunity for honesty to burst free. The culpability is wider than leaders. It includes the people who opened our borders, the sponsors of multiculturalism, the enforcers of political correctness, the churches and community groups whose naiveté led them down the cul de sac of interfaith dialogue, the people – your family members, workmates, members of your profession or union – whose words and attitudes have intimidated you out of speaking your mind.

We MUST change in response to the Manchester attack

It would be a pathetic, cowardly mistake to assume that the policies and actions that enabled the following attacks would be the policies and actions that will prevent the next incident:

  • the London Transport bombings in 2005,
  • the Islamic murder of Lee Rigby in 2013,
  • the Westminster attack in March this year,
  • the innumerable incidents of violence and intimidation by self-declared Muslims across Europe, and
  • the many terrible attacks prevented by our security services.

The next English Defence League demonstration will be in Liverpool on 3 June

We are not asking for money or Facebook likes. The English Defence League have all the steadfast determination needed to continue our protests, our speeches, our publicity in line with our mission statement:

We are asking for your courage, the courage to say and do what must be done to prevent future Islamic atrocities and intimidation across the UK.

For those who have the courage to stand up to Islamism and stand up to those who enable Islamic violence and intimidation, we extend a welcoming hand for you to join us at our next scheduled national demonstration in Liverpool on 3 June. There will be men and women in Liverpool on that Saturday who have never marched with us before. Please march with us and them on 3 June:

This is how we – every adult in Britain – must change after the Manchester attack

  • We must speak out to politicians and leaders to demand that Britain and Britons be defended from the attacks and intimidation we are becoming accustomed to.
  • We must allow the bravest among us – those who have spoken out about the ideology that explicitly claims responsibility for these outrages, and promises more – to speak out, to be heard, to be given a fair hearing. These Cassandras, like Cassandra of Greek legend, have been right all along.
  • We must encourage the open discussion of measures that can be taken that will prevent our people being subject to terrorist atrocities year in, year out for generations to come. The English Defence League has proposed one approach.

Other people should be able to improve on our proposal. The important thing is that measures of this magnitude MUST be discussed openly. Cowardice and wishful thinking were not what put the “Great” in Great Britain. Courage, clear thinking and decisive action are at the bedrock of our tradition. We must embody these qualities until we are safe once again.



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  1. Surely it is time to get rid of this abominable religion and all who follow it!!.
    Deport the whole bunch of murderers and rapists back to the shitholes they came from!!.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with you’re comment!! Britain needs to stand up

  2. I will be marching in my city Liverpool the EDL are welcome in Liverpool

  3. Heads up, gang. It is the 4th anniversary of the honorable Lee Rigby’s murder. Lee Rigby, thank you for your service and rest in peace.

  4. Some basic points:

    Islam is not a religion. Islam is a brutal form of government dressed in the guise of a religion.
    Islam is Satan’s greatest deception. It makes Communism and Nazism look live novice attempts at tyranny.
    I can’t speak for the UK but sharia is completely incompatible with American governance. In particular, it is mutually exclusive with the American Bill of Rights.
    Islam is evil.

  5. I live in a small town in wis. u s a. Your a great organization, wish you were here. All i have to say is as long as the left has power in the West this shit won’t end. Also believe the left wants to destroy the white race. The left and muslims must be destroyed or we will be.

  6. Time for a change time and time again this is happening and everything goes back to normal a few weeks after well I say no more something needs to be done now

  7. Hello i have just signed up and would love to come on a march against these horrible scum some call people

  8. EDL would do well to run candidates for office under the EDL banner. The likes of May and Macron will not defend their nations from the islamic hordes who have invaded. Au contraire, their policies amount to managed submission to islam and sharia rule. This is the way Western Europe is headed. Sweden is already doomed to sharia, probably no later than 2021, if not sooner.
    Without real political power, the British elites will always confound the righteous EDL agenda.

  9. Beautiful & heartfelt tribute to the Manchester bombing victims.
    The music was superb and classy. Better than all the nonsense
    being put out.

    Great Job
    Thanks guys

  10. After watching the events unfold in Manchester last night.its one attack to many now. I fear for the safety of my family in there future.. so steps need to be taken NOW! By the British government!! If they are not prepared to take a hard line on these Islamic scum right now then we the British people need to sort it out, too secure a free a safe future for the generations to come..BRITAIN NEEDS TO BE GREAT AGAIN..

  11. Well said, Keith.
    My perspective is from the east coast of the United States. I see the EDL and likeminded folk as the backbone of Britain. I exhort the EDL to run for office under the EDL banner. Grab some House of Commons seats. Don’t be afraid to try. I am of Irish Catholic descent and I tell you that I long for Britain to become Great again. Can you imagine the Brits of 1939 faced with this enemy? The jihad would beat a hasty retreat. It is my hope that modern day Brits will honor the memory of those great people.
    God bless the EDL.

  12. My heart goes out to all the family’s that have lost or had someone in the attack on Monday night.
    It upsets me that now the Muslim community feel they are tired of apologizing for the attacks that people in there religion perpetrate, Tired / Sick and Annoyed that .2% of the 1.6 Billion Muslim community world wide that’s 32 Million terrorists 60.4% of the population of England, Alarming…
    In January 2016 there were 1351 people killed worldwide by terrorists, 1046 by Islamic State that’s 77.5% and other Muslim groups (Al Shabaab, ISIL, Taliban etc) 15.25% that’s a total death count by Muslim terrorists 1101 people 92.75% the remainder 7.25% ether undeclared, Non-Muslim or Civil War.
    if just 2% of Muslims are Terrorists and there are 2,660,116 Muslims in England Does that mean there are (five million three hundred twenty thousand two hundred thirty-two) terrorists in England?

    All My findings are found online through Google searches and good old Wiki.

    If the government was to deport 100 Muslims 2 would be Terrorists, if we had acted on this then maybe Monday nights attack would not of happened!

  13. I have no doubt that in 2016, the Islamic State alone has killed more than 1,351 people.
    Discrepancies in the number of victims aside, what is important is this.
    Western Europe has been invaded by millions of muslims who, as an article of faith, believe in waging jihad in order to bring infidels into submission to sharia and islam. They believe, also as a matter of faith, that their way is superior to that of the infidel. Any compromise with them will be seen as submission. They will only stop if they are forced to stop. Time is of the essence as fertility rates do not favor real Western Europeans.

    1. @Paul DeFranco, I agree that the threat is much larger that the 2% of terrorist Muslims – My research / knowledge is limited on this.

      “I have no doubt that in 2016, the Islamic State alone has killed more than 1,351 people.”
      This was 1101 people killed in January alone.

      “The radicals are estimated to be between 15 to 25 percent, according to all intelligence services around the world,”
      “You’re looking at 180 million to 300 million people dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization,”
      This is a problem.

      “Time is of the essence as fertility rates do not favor real Western Europeans.”
      We can blame our benefits system for this.

      I was talking to an Iranian Domino’s Pizza driver last year who claims to have entered the country illegally walked up to a police officer at a train station in Birmingham 4 hours later he was in Manchester given a house and a £35 food card for Asda and if he signed in every week at the home office was given another £35 food card he now has a UK Passport.

      What checks were done on him in just a few hours?

      this is this country’s problems we let people in with faiths that like the Sharia inspire rape victims to be stoned to death in public for adultery because they can’t provide 4 witnesses.

      I watched a documentary not too long ago called The Jihadist Next Door

      this is those extremist we should all be worried about, Get rid of the main threat then deal with the smaller threats I can’t all be done over night.

  14. Mayor Khan of London is an enemy of the British people. He will use his “authority” and power of the state to persecute infidels. Sir Winston Churchill was a critic of islam yet, nowadays, critics of islam are literally arrested in once Great Britain. The more Khans that get elected the worse it will get. Any Brit who doesn’t believe that this is a fight for the actual survival of their nation and it’s people is sadly mistaken. The next 10 years are pivotal. Watch what happens to Sweden between now and 2021.

  15. Clearly as arrests are being made now of possible terrorists (which is years overdue), the government clearly doesn’t care about natives and rather serve a genocidal culture of so called “anti-racism”. Looking at Islamist material should be treated the same as looking at child porn, by that I mean if you’re caught looking/distributing it, you’re immediately arrested. Also, all homegrown Islamist terrorists must be deported and their citizenship be removed.

  16. I live in luton which used to be a great town until it was infected by the obscene cult of islam. We are now going down the mosque on every street scenario and muslim only areas. Supported by the muslim council some of whom dont speak english and bedfordshire islamic police. Who ensure that moslems get away with a total disregard of our laws

  17. Johnathan B,
    The British and Western European authorities are the problem. Across the pond we feel like we are watching a bizarre display of national suicide carried out be a score of nations. Just look at the so-called mayor of Manchester and his deputy, tripping over themselves to tell people there is no islam to see here.
    This weak and craven attitude in the face of a belief system as aggressively self-righteous and combative as that of islam can end only one way. Submission by the natives to islam and sharia. That has been their plan for 1,400 years and I doubt they have ever encountered victims as accommodating as those in positions of authority in places like Britain, Germany, France and Sweden.
    EDL should use their grassroots support to grab real power in Parliament and local government. As it is now, non-muslim Brits are playing catch-up.
    May is a national disgrace and should resign. Corbyn is a foolish communist who would likewise be a disaster. I get no pleasure from listing the faults of Western Europe. I lost one friend on September 11, 2001, while other friends and family ran for their lives. I have relatives who have served in combat positions in the years since. I hate islam and pray for muslims to convert to Christianity. Make no mistake, this is a war. Jihad means Holy War. Let up hope that the masses will wake up and force the fight against all the odious apparatus of islamic oppression.

  18. Ive seen some horrible things in my life…even been tried to get radicalized in prison. I told them where to f*ing go. These “people”are violent disrespectful dirty jelous and out of control. Because of this religion and because our country allows it..a disgusting evil twisted boy killed young innocent girls all because they didnt like girls out having fun. Why hate president donald trump for banning muslims. My uncle fought in the fawklands..for what?? Just so this great island the united kingom can be terrorised and packed full of umwanted creatures like the men who killed soldier lee rigby. Like the 7/7 bombings. And like on Monday the creature who committing suicide but taking such innocent and small and precious lives with him. May he rot in hell.

  19. When a government can no longer protect its citizens it is incumbent upon the citizens to protect themselves.

    Rape Jihad of children – drug gangs – beheadings – bombing of children…

    This is my ancestral home these are all our children.


  20. You want to know what would show real political will? Execute all 8 suspects grabbed in the wake of this atrocity. For all his faults, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had the moxy to do that. So did Abraham Lincoln.
    Why? Because they fought to win, that’s why?
    What does Britain need jihadists for? Get rid of them.

  21. I hear tell that on Tuesday, Mayor Khan had ordered a crackdown on “islamaphobic” (there is no such thing) comments made by Londoners on the internet.
    This is no coincidence. Surely, Khan saw this as opportune time to persecute any good and decent, self-respecting Londoner who had the temerity to say anything critical of islam.
    Reality check: Enforcing blasphemy laws is sharia. Hence the term “creeping sharia” that the evil Obama once mocked.
    God bless the non-muslim people of Britain. The muslims have declared jihad on you. May you take their jihad and shove it straight down their throats.

  22. Thanks May. Thanks Cameron and the rest of you submissive, elitist cucks. Way to fail your people.

  23. Remember this? That’s great, guys. Run away from muslims like a bunch of little girls. Then turn around and drag some decent Brit out of his home because he dared to say something against islam. For starters, British cities could use real police forces. Not clowns who blame the victims of “grooming gangs” for the heinous felonies perpetrated against them by “Asians”.

  24. Here we have Sky News assisting Mohammed Shafiq, the Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, as he blames the UK for the massacre of 17 women and 5 men. Thanks Sky News, for your lapdog journalism.
    On the real side, 23 victims are still listed as critical. That is a lot of suffering. And why do they suffer? Because they are infidels in the eyes of islam. Infidel girls are apparently only good for 2 things to muslims. 1st, years of sordid abuse by rape or “grooming” gangs. 2nd, to be murdered by burns and shrapnel for being foolish enough to leave their homes.
    And behind it all we have a particular individual, one Theresa May. A woman so foolishly incompetent she makes Monty Python’s twits look like Winston Churchill. As Home Secretary, she was in the forefront of creating this mess. Now as Prime Minister, she steps out of her fortress on Downing Street to mouth platitudes, not daring to utter the word islam. Not once.
    Radical change is needed if Britain is to remain and not be replaced by Britanistan. May God bless the non-muslim people of Britain.

  25. Where ever there’s Arabs Muslims in the world there’s trouble,we need to rid our great country of such filth were they hate our way of life,if they want to preach their faith f**k off back to an Islamic country I apologise for my language but I am deeply saddened by the recent events which in my opinion. Could have been avoided rip all of you

  26. I agree Paul if not execute deport all members of immediate family

  27. This article does not surprise me in the least. The “grooming” gangs, the bombers, they all spit in the same hat.

  28. Why is it that the western world leaders do not admit this is a time of a world wide war – defending basic human western civilisation, freedom and liberty.

    The western world leaders need to be firm and declare war-like approach to seriously eradicate these Islamic extremists.

    Enough is enough.
    Auckland NZ
    [EDL says: All the way from New Zealand – thank you!]

  29. 61 years old here, love my England. I wrote a poem around 35 years ago, it was entitled: England our Coffee Coloured Nation.
    Anyway, I’m gonna say this and by God it hurts ‘Folks, we are being bred out!’
    The culprits? Muslims right?
    We English have to make a stand and now. Heard it all before? Yes, me too!
    Nothing happens, but why? Answer: Because we just talk the talk and do not do the walk!
    I’d be proud to be involved in direct action. We need to step things up a notch!

    here’s hoping I don’t go to jail for this!

  30. British police tell the British public that “islamophobic hate speech is a crime” for which they will arrest and prosecute.

    If they were honest, they would say: We have submitted to islam and are now in the business of enforcing sharia blasphemy laws.

    The Metropolitan Police should rename their department The Metropolistan Sharia Police.

    British police are disgraceful fools and cowards. I thank God in heaven that the United States, for all our faults, has not sunk to such a low and craven state.

  31. That police do not carry firearms, despite Britain being in a state of war, tells you all you need to know about the British government.

  32. Wrong – UK cops are generally not known for gunning down citizens who are reaching for their driving license at a traffic stop or for their skin colour – perhaps they’re just not ‘craven’ enough.
    Excellent response and slick drills from the Met last night to despatch the 3 islamic murderers to their 72 camel virgins.
    Not the police who are the fools, courageous individuals at the sharp end professionally enforcing laws that have been passed by decades of moonhowlers, bed wetters and handknits who are falling over themselves to defend their own foolish and failed ‘multiculti’ agendas. And,for what it’s worth, touting EDL as a far right neo-nazi group – only because EDL is holding a mirror up and highlighting in their face – their own abject failures, for by their pathetic pandering’s to islam, have blood on their hands.
    Brussels with their human rights garbage and our own PIRA apologists such as Comrade Corbyn, McDonnell et al. have all contributed to the place we’re in now – akin to Chamberlain’s attempt at appeasement of Hitler in ’38. And we all know how that ended.
    PIRA have stated that they viewed Corbyn as a useful fool, no doubt UK muslims now saying the same about him and his fellow bed wetters. They are your disgraceful fools and cowards.

  33. I read all the comments and agree with every word however we need a person or group to stand up and allow the British public to stand behind feeling free of all this political correctness. After yet another attack by Muslim animals in London I feel the UK has had enough and should lead the way in getting rid of every Muslim good and bad British born of not just get rid of all and all the people that always promote tolerance toward Muslims.We need a true leader not a wimpy yes person. Someone to listen to the majority of people and voice their real views not watered down versions. I feel a real anger towards those who preach tolerance after these barbaric events. I ask would they say the same if it were their family members caught up in these inhuman acts. Please England wake up and act and not just roll over again.

  34. People call the EDL racist, blah, blah, blah. Me? I call it the voice of reason; if a lift says max’ capacity 8 people, you don’t exceed it. So why when our country’s bursting does the government say “it’s alright, we’ll cram more muslims in”? To ‘enrich’ society, as they put it! Yeah, ENRICH? Look how enriched Manchester and London are now.
    Long live EDL.

  35. I went on Go Fund Me Chris Parker; Chris, the homeless man who ran into the business end of the attack to help those who needed it, despite his own safety. He said “just ‘cos I’m homeless it doesn’t mean I can’t help”. The poor b*****d had a little girl die in his arms. I thought, this guy deserves help, and donated £100.00; quite a large donation but the way I see it is as long as there’s people like Chris the muzzers will NEVER sink our spirit. Please, I beseech you, give what you can!

  36. That’s some country England has turned into.

  37. Hello I have just signed up …. I’m from Manchester myself…. can’t make the London march…. but I’d lov to join in any in and around Manchester…… good luck for tomorrow EDL! I’m with you in spirit
    [EDL says: Thank you. You’re always welcome. Join us on Facebook between demos and for local activities, as well as on the streets.]

  38. “In the end all the great issues of the day are decided by war.” Robert E. Lee.
    Civil War is headed for the UK. It is time to remember Oliver Cromwell who wrote a constitution for England and in it he wrote. “The right of Protestants to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed.” This has become our second amendment in the USA.
    [EDL says: “Civil war”? We think predictions of “civil war” in the UK are made too glibly. It has happened here before, but not for a few hundred years, and then there were two sides that already had incompatible ideological positions, troops, land, a power base and visible rising tensions. It is hard to envisage any form a possible war might take in 2017. The major side in any “civil war” would be the armed forces. There is no indication that they would be disloyal. So who would be the opponents of the loyal British armed forces? There are 45 territorial police forces in the UK. They are the only other major armed force in the UK and are 100% likely to side with the UK armed forces.
    We may see localised riots and banditry that lasts for a few days; we may see armed criminal gangs in attacks over drug distribution territory. And we may see Islamists launching sporadic terrorist attacks. But none of these three resembles a civil war]

  39. Deport every Islamic family and turn mosques into youth clubs again, end of problem , balls required though !

  40. Does Brexit include Pakistan? !!

  41. To many do gooders by far , Manchester deserves to suffer as people turn the other cheek to places like Rochdale / Bradford. Multiculturism they call it , until a bomb goes off ! The U.K. People are to blame , too soft.

  42. If not mayor of London, you’d have another corner shop, can see it now “Khans mini mart.”
    Best off mayor ( f, all)

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