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EDL’s 2016 – The year in review



The year began for us – and for Western civilisation – in the first seconds of 2016 when women among the New Year revellers in Cologne, Germany, were subjected to groping, sexual abuse and worse. It is symbolic that the attacks occurred just metres from the High Cathedral of St Peter. The attackers must have rejoiced that they could display their selfish contempt for so much that we in Europe value in one fell swoop.

The next day the assault on the safety and well-being of the German people continued – but this time the assailants were the government: city officials, politicians and police who acted as if the attacks had not taken place, and to keep their reality from Cologne’s citizens. To cap it off, the media conspired to keep the events from their readers and viewers.

Social media broke the story and we all know the result: Cologne will stand as a monument to much that ordinary Europeans are facing now and into 2017.

Also in January

The English Defence League began 2016 with a new Chairman of our Committee, Alan Spence from Newcastle. Our Committee sets the EDL’s overall direction. Ian Crossland took on the role of leader of footsoldier operations. Ian doubled as media spokesman and also as MC of the speeches at demos. The Committee meets regularly to review progress around the country and identify new opportunities.

We re-opened our PayPal donations account on our “back-up” website http://edlbackup.com The backup covered us when our old website was brought down at the time of the Bataclan attacks in Paris two months earlier.

Three Somali Muslims who gang-raped a white 16-year-old girl in a Manchester hotel where they had stayed to celebrate Eid were jailed for 30 years.


EDL demonstration in Preston – We held our first demonstration of the year in Preston on 20 February. We marched through Fishergate market to brave cheers (and the usual isolated jeers) and on to the speeches near the town hall. At that demo we laid out the problems Islam was pushing onto Preston – and onto the rest of the country:

  • an arrogant Labour local government that raised a Palestine flag on the Town Hall
  • the expansion from 12 to 13 mosques in the town
  • community centres for only one (Muslim) community
  • faith schools that shelter British Muslim kids from integration with British values
  • halal certification, labeling and slaughter practices
  • Muslim no-go areas like Preston’s Deepdale
  • Muslim grooming, rape and abuse gangs and Muslim child abuse – such as that investigated by police last year at the Preston’s Aqsa Mosque.

As usual, we were assured that Muslim grooming and sexual abuse was not a problem in Preston. And as usual another Muslim groomer was jailed for sexual assault on Preston children just a few weeks later.

Also in February

Ten men were convicted of committing sexual offences against a teenage girl in Rochdale.

Jamal Uddin, an elderly Sufi Sunni Barelwi Muslim, was murdered in Rochdale by two Salafi Muslims.

A gang of 12 Muslims who raped a vulnerable Keighley schoolgirl for 13 months were jailed for a total of 140 years.

Three Muslims who boasted they “owned” Rotherham were found guilty of rape jihad offences.

It became widely recognised that migrants waiting in Calais for the opportunity to break into Britain were being stirred up and armed by activists from the UK – some of the same “anarchists” who cause police problems at our demos.


Our Facebook “main page” was stolen from us and populated with fake news. We quickly set up a new main page and this has been running ever since:

However, we are attracting the attention of Facebook’s censors and we know they have us in their sights.

On 22 March Islamists attacked Brussels airport and Maalbeek railway station.

On 24 March, Asad Shah, an Ahmadiyya Muslim shopkeeper, was stabbed to death in Glasgow by Tanveer Ahmed, a Barelwi Sunni Muslim from Bradford.

The number of illegal immigrants breaking into Britain and evading Border Force reached such a high number (around 40 a day) that the media outlets stopped reporting groups of under five unless there was something special about them.


EDL demonstration in High Wycombe – On 9 April, our demo focused on:

  • the Islamic terrorism that has been thriving in the town since the Islamic bombing of London eleven earlier.
  • Muslim grooming/rape gangs. We highlighted the Muslim cover-up of grooming and other criminal activity by Muslims.
  • the increasing threats from Islamification in Britain.

We were joined in High Wycombe by Assyrian Christians who drove over from Germany for the demo. This was a successful demo and we marched through the town centre. Despite physical opposition from UaF and Antifa rent-a-mob, we gave our speeches without incident.

Also in April

We shifted our website over to a .org.uk domain and it’s been up and running ever since, providing information to members and the media and as a resource base about Islam in the UK http://www.englishdefeneleague.org.uk

Trevor Phillips published his “What British Muslims Really Think” report. His report showed:

  • 40% agree that wives should always obey their husbands
  • 30% agree it is acceptable for a British Muslim to keep more than one wife
  • 25% support having areas of Britain under sharia law, not under British law.

A Muslim grooming abuser was sentenced in Preston.


EDL demonstration in Coventry – We went to Coventry on 21 May to raise:

  • Muslim grooming/abuse/rape/trafficking in Coventry
  • the Muslim community’s wall of silence about terrorism and grooming gangs in Coventry
  • local government electoral fraud by Muslim community leaders
  • condoning female genital mutilation and not reporting FGM offences.

We also gave Brexit a burst, as the referendum was just a month away.

The pre-demonstration week featured debates in the Coventry press, including intervention by the Bishop of Coventry – well-meaning, but out of his depth. The mustering point was spacious, the march was along major roads and we gave our speeches in a large public space.

Also in May

We added a forum to our website: http://www.englishdefenceleague.org.uk/forum/ The forum provides a lively setting for exchange of information and ideas out of reach of Facebook’s censorship.

Three Muslim extremists from High Wycombe appeared in court for plotting to behead British citizens.

Sadiq Khan became first Muslim mayor of London.

A Muslim groomer/abuser from Sunderland was jailed.

Three High Wycombe imams were investigated for hate preaching and glorifying a recent Islamic murderer.

Theresa May launched a review of sharia courts and councils.


On 12 June an Islamic murderer killed 49 people at gay Pulse nightclub in Orlando Florida.

The Calderdale Gang of 15 Muslims were jailed for systematically grooming and sexually abusing teenage girls in Halifax.

A Somali rapist was jailed for life at Birmingham Crown Court.

A national referendum to leave the European Union was held on 23 June. The leave votes won a majority for Brexit.

Five men from Luton went on trial at the Old Bailey for supporting ISIS.


EDL demonstration in London – On 16 July we marched from Marble Arch into Hyde Park on a beautiful summer’s day to protest:

  • a Muslim mayor of London
  • Muslim grooming, abuse and trafficking gangs.

Our demonstration also acknowledged British values and our debt to Magna Carta. We urged a clear, complete Brexit.

Also in July

The EDL committee made and broadcast a decision to ban open drink containers at demos.

A Manningham Muslim who groomed and sexually abused a girl was jailed in Bradford.

The Oxford Times reported “Child sex monsters caged for “horrendous abuse” of teenager”.

An imam from Dudley mosque was found guilty of sexually assaulting a vulnerable woman.

Samia Shahid, from Manningham, Bradford, died in an honour killing in Pakistan.

Jihadist Mohamed Salmene Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a Tunisian living in France, killed 86 people and injured 434 by driving a truck into a Bastille Day crowd.

Four people were axed to death by an Afghan jihadist on a German train.

Father Jacques Hamel, a French Catholic priest, had his throat slit by two Muslims while he was celebrating mass at a church in Normandy.

Anjem Choudary was found guilty of encouraging support for ISIS and sentenced to 5 years and six months jail.

American Cardinal Burke lays out Islam’s fervent desire for global sharia – the most forthright statement yet by a senior Catholic.


EDL Demonstration in Nottingham – On 6 August we demonstrated in Nottingham about:

  • Nottinghamshire Muslims involved in Islamic terror-related activities
  • 23 honour based violence or forced marriage cases investigated by Notts Police in 15 months
  • the still-suppressed issue of Muslim grooming/abuse gangs.

Our march along a wonderful route past the castle and through the centre of the city gave us the opportunity give our message to Nottingham shoppers and interested citizens.

Also in August

A Cardiff imam preached: “Sex slaves are permissible in Islam”. The media were outraged, but he was quoting from the Koran, so the problem was with Islam, not an isolated “extremist” in Cardiff.

Two men who were arrested in Coventry on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offences.

A 19-year-old Somali will be tried in February 2017 for the murder this month of an American tourist in a knife attack and attempting to murder five other people in London’s Russell Square.

A Somali gang is terrorising Fishermead estate in Milton Keynes.

A Muslim groomer was jailed for sexual assault and grooming in Oldham.

Telford was named as “the new child sex capital of Britain”. The EDL resolved to demonstrate in the town.

EDL supporters donated hundreds of pounds to buy a quality sound system for demos. Supporters donated through PayPal on our website and with cash at demos. Thank you to all our donors – in the UK and abroad!


EDL demonstration in Newcastle – On 24 September we marched along a superb city centre route with a pleasingly low-key police presence. We protested against:

  • the cover-up of Muslim grooming and abuse gangs investigated by Northumbria Police’s “Operation Sanctuary”
  • the danger of “rapefugees” to English women and children
  • the BBC’s biased coverage of Syrian refugees
  • the cover-up by Muslim communities of Muslim grooming/abuse gangs.

Also in September

A Muslim was jailed for gang rapiing a schoolgirl in Moss Side, Manchester.

Four Muslims were jailed for child sex offences against two teenagers in Rochdale

A Jewish man was raped and serially abused by Asian Muslims in Newham, London.

A former imam at Rugby mosque was jailed for raping a young boy.

Four Muslims were convicted of the rape, trafficking and sexual exploitation of young victims in Dewsbury.


Our website is now being used more than ever before as an initial contact point for journalists, video crews and prospective EDL members http://www.englishdefenceleague.org.uk/contact-us/

Also in October

A Muslim groomer was jailed in Oxford.

A Muslim teaching assistant was jailed for abduction and sexual activity with a schoolgirl in Yeovil.

A Muslim groomer in Luton was sentenced to 14 years, but is on the run.

A Muslim groomer from Dewsbury was jailed.

A Muslim groomer of two 14 year old girls was jailed for 8y 6m in Rochdale.

An imam who was convicted at Wolverhampton for abusing two girls did a runner to Bangladesh.

A Muslim was jailed for life for rape in Perivale Park, London.

A Muslim groomer found guilty at London Crown Court of attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming.

Eight Muslims were convicted of sexually exploiting teenage girls in Rotherham.

Nine arrests made for child sex abuse in Oxford. They will go on trial in April 2017.

A Coventry grooming gang trial began with one of the Muslims charged with 11 counts of rape.


EDL demonstration in Telford – On 5 November we marched and addressed the crowd on:

  • the apparent cover-up of Muslim grooming gangs by the Muslim community of Telford, the churches and officials
  • the need for two Royal Commissions into Muslim grooming and child abuse
  • highlighting the danger posed to the UK by illegal immigration and those who romanticise the illegals.

In Telford we used the new sound system bought with donations from our supporters. Thank you, donors! We launched our next appeal for fuel to transport the system across the country. Donate through PayPal on our website http://www.englishdefenceleague.org.uk/

Also in November

There was a Muslim grooming trial on all month in Chelmsford.

Three members of a Somali sex gang in Bristol who groomed, raped and subjected vulnerable British schoolgirls as young as 14 to ‘violent and horrible’ abuse were jailed.

Two Muslims were sentenced for rapes in Yeovil.

Eight Muslims were jailed for a total of 96 years for sexually exploiting teenage girls in Rotherham.

A Muslim who lied about his age on entering the UK was convicted of raping two women on Teesside.

Five men (four of them Muslims) from High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Luton were charged with rape and other sex offences.

A Muslim woman was raped by her husband and left fearing for her and her children’s lives after a sharia court in London forced to her reveal her address.

A rapefugee aged 15 was found guilty of raping boy aged 5 in Derby

A twelve-year jail term was imposed on a Muslim convicted of sex trafficking in south Lincolnshire and London.


West Yorkshire Police apologised personally to the Keighley girl they allowed to become a grooming victim for 13 months.

The Archbishop of Canterbury changed his mind and declared that his old line of “it’s nothing to do with Islam” was wrong.

The Chelmsford grooming case involving three Iranians is awaiting a jury decision.

Louise Casey’s report on Muslims choosing to live in ghettos was published.

2016 has been a good year for the English Defence League. We have turned the corner after a period of uncertainty. We are the original and the best! PEGIDA sort of fizzled out and we kept going. The BNP has fizzled – and we kept going. Britain First has been distracted by legal issues – and we kept going. We believe with all our hearts in what we are doing and we enjoy doing it!

Unless the unexpected happens and we need to get out earlier, we’ll be on the streets again in February. Nothing replaces feet on the streets. This is our means to get our message across to the people of this great country. Join us if you can!

And if you can’t, get active in your local EDL division and in your community. Donate to us through our website, so that our demos can continue to have an impact.

In the meantime, keep up with us on the web:

EDL website: http://www.englishdefenceleague.org.uk

EDL mission statement: http://www.englishdefenceleague.org.uk/mission-statement/

EDL Facebook national page: https://www.facebook.com/EnglishDefenceLeagueOFFICIAL

EDL Twitter: https://twitter.com/EDLofficialpage

EDL Radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-english-defence-league-show

EDL YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLTp9cur8fT1AeSPkdZ0oig

EDL Tumblr: http://englishdefenceleague.tumblr.com



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  1. Brexit, Trump, Italy said fuck off to Renzi, merkel got beaten in local elections.

    Next year more setbacks for the muslim lovers and the globalist stooges.

    The fight is on!

  2. Lets enjoy Christmas before that is taken from us, we are no longer allowed to celebrate St Georges day. what will my country be like in 10 years. the way the muslims have kids, compared to the British family. we will soon be outnumbered, and our kids will be the minority. the persecuted English faith.
    God help them. when they arrived here, my parents said our kids will pay for this. they said Enoch Powel had it right. my god were they right.

  3. The sad thing is no matter what we EDL followers do/say we will always have the racist/thug stigma from left wing sycophantic do-gooders. Their views won’t even change should a muslim s**t on their doorstep; “oh, we MUST respect his religious beliefs: he did it for allah; I’ll just get my children to clean it up”. Almost as if they’re scared and frightened not of the real threat: islam, but terrified of logic/reason/pragmatic sense. The term ‘banging our head against a brick wall’ springs to mind. When Richard Ramirez murdered women because god told him to do it he was executed. One rule for one, one for another.

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