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Facebook: Enemies of Free Speech and Critics of Islam

Facebook message to Patriots

Facebook has stepped up its ideologically-driven mission to purge the internet of messages related to patriotism and criticism of Islam.

On Thursday last (18 April 2019) Facebook issued a statement and disabled the accounts of:

“Individuals and organisations who spread hate, or attack or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are.”

“Under our dangerous individuals and organisations policy, we ban those who proclaim a violent or hateful mission or are engaged in acts of hate or violence.

“The individuals and organisations we have banned today violate this policy, and they will no longer be allowed a presence on Facebook or Instagram. Posts and other content which expresses praise or support for these figures and groups will also be banned. Our work against organised hate is ongoing and we will continue to review individuals, organisations, pages, groups and content against our community standards.”

This ban of course includes the English Defence League though we have never advocated violence toward any group of people or individuals.  We are fiercely patriotic and critical of Islam but sophisticated companies like Facebook cannot be expected to make distinctions between belief systems and people who profess them.

According to Facebook the concept of being critical of ideas found in Islam is the same as targeting Muslims.  This is a very Islamic view of the matter.  In Islam a person is what they say they believe.  To respect the person as a human being without respecting their beliefs is anathema to them.  To paraphrase the vegan principle: you are what you believe.

In Islam, whole groups of people are categorised based on their stated beliefs.  Civil and religious laws in Muslim/Sharia countries base their social structures on these categories e.g. Christian, Jewish, atheist, polytheist, hypocrite Muslims, etc.  This is like apartheid which the Left are opposed to but for some reason are blind to this elephant in the societal room.

Furthermore Islamic teaching requires Muslims to hate non-Muslims.  (See Quran 60:4 and 9:29 and the writings of Al Qaeda for just a tiny sample of sources.)  So by its own criteria Facebook should also ban any promotion of Islam from its platforms.  Don’t hold your breath.

Any individual who loves their country is a target of the Facebook police.  To stem the populist tide growing in Europe and America, globalists like Facebook are coming down on those who do not share their world view that the nation state is obsolete and even a dangerous thing.  So our national history, culture and way of doing things must be discarded and replaced by the utopian future of global interests as defined by …who?  Certainly the likes  Facebook executives and politicians like Labour MP Yvette Cooper.  The crimes of  the future start with thought control today.

According to the statement by Facebook, individuals are not allowed to even ‘express praise or support for these figures and groups” like the EDL.  We challenge Facebook to look at our website and find any racist and violence-promoting material.  It is not there.

Those who support us are fed up with the way their country is changing and they see widespread danger ahead unless changes happen now.

They hate, yes hate, the slow destruction of our beloved country;

They hate, yes hate, an ideology that encourages hatred toward non-Muslims; and

They hate, yes hate, the constant thrust of the Sharia-pushers to enforce political submission of traditional British values and culture to Islamic values and culture.

Are emotions like hatred and anger always and everywhere to be purged from what it means be human?  Are these feelings always morally wrong?  Is it not right to hate evil and wrongdoing?  Ask any soldier the answer to these questions.

The opposite of hate is love.  And they know that to love our country is to save it.

To love our country is to work to save it through discussion, education, debate and demonstrations in the public square.  But the thought-control people like Facebook will not have it.  Because they know better, because they believe that they in fact are better.  Again this attitude finds its mirror in Islamic teaching.  For Muslims are also taught that they are the best of peoples (Quran 3:110).

Freedom of speech is the most fundamental freedom of all, because without the freedom to communicate information, express our views and debate issues, our ability to defend other rights, expose crimes and corruption, advocate for our common good and come to informed conclusions are fatally circumscribed.

What has happened is the internet equivalent of Kristallnacht.  And those who collude with these ongoing purges and blockades and ‘burnings’ reveal that they are afraid of discussion and debate.  They reveal themselves to also be in favour of a dictatorship of the mind as well as society.

To quote Winston Churchill:

“Dictatorship … [a] state of society where men may not speak their minds, where children denounce their parents to the police, where a business man or small shopkeeper ruins his competitor by telling tales about his private opinions; such a state of society cannot long endure …”

These people dig society’s grave.

But the English Defence League will not be crushed.  We will find other ways to organise and communicate with our supporters who will not just disappear because Facebook has told us to do so.  The stakes are too high for that to happen.


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