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I had a dream

I had a dream that … one day I picked up my copy of the daily newspaper and read this statement on the front page:

Dear British people

We, the imams and leaders of every mosque, masjid and Islamic centre in Britain, are sincerely sorry for the atrocities committed in the name of our faith. We quite understand that any trust the British people may have had in Islam has been shattered by the actions of a few. In order to re-establish trust between the people of Britain and followers of the Islamic faith we are proposing the following in the hope that our actions can restore good relationships between us:

  • All mosque services and business will be conducted in English from Friday this week
  • All mosques will have an open door policy for auditing by any UK agency investigating these heinous crimes and potential extremist actions from today
  • We will issue a fatwa next week against any terrorist activity which would cause harm to the British people
  • We will refuse Islamic burial rites to anyone who commits these atrocities and recommend that the local authority incinerate the perpetrators with pig meat and no ceremony
  • Any mosque that has a supporter who commits an atrocity will be closed immediately and the real estate sold with 50% of the profits of the sale being given to a charity established to support victims of atrocities and the victims of Muslim grooming gangs
  • We will excommunicate any Muslim who engages in grooming gangs and the mosque they attend will commit to paying £50,000 for the care and support of any girl who has been abused by them through a charity established for the purpose and managed by a secular organisation
  • All Islamic schools will close at the end of academic year 2017 with students encouraged to attend local schools and fully integrate into the British way of life
  • We will not engage in any religious marches within the community nor any outdoor prayer gatherings from today
  • We will encourage the women of Islam to go bare headed and open faced and to wear clothing which does not mark them out from the general community
  • We will cease, from today, endorsing, condoning or acquiescing in polygamy, child marriage, forced marriages and female genital mutilation
  • All Sharia courts will cease functioning from today
  • We recommend the closure of designated prayer spaces in public buildings and facilities
  • We will convene a secular reference group to identify those commandments in the Koran and our other holy texts which incite violence towards others with a view that they be removed from our scriptures by the end of 2017
  • We will stop referring to the followers of Islam as “the Muslim community” in acknowledgement that we are all members of the British community
  • We will discourage the use of the unhelpful “Islamophobia” label in acknowledgement that given the actions of a few of our followers, a fear of what they may do is entirely rational
  • We will stop requiring public facilities to provide halal food for our use and support the government in the abolition of all ritual slaughter of animals
  • We will cease street proselytising immediately and remove advertisements promoting Islam from public places as soon as possible
  • We will not apply for the construction of any new mosques or Islamic facilities for a period of 10 years from today.

We hope that these initial steps might go some way to establishing trust within the community as a whole and we welcome suggestions from the British community for further actions which will help heal the rift which has developed between us.


Sent to EDL by Boadicea on 5 June 2017

Published by EDL on 8 June 2017

Items in “Your Say” do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the majority of English Defence League supporters, but are published in the hope of stimulating thought and discussion about the important issues the EDL is confronting.

Updated: June 10, 2017 — 4:09 pm


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  1. https://pjmedia.com/homeland-security/2017/06/12/theres-a-huge-catch-in-the-imams-refuse-funeral-prayers-for-london-jihadis-story/

    [It is] unlawful to wash the body of a martyr … or perform the funeral prayer over him.

    Read this good people. You may be ahead of me but as usual the Jihadis are full-o-shite ..

  2. .. I think this ‘your say’ column is the cat’s meow guy & gals.

    [EDL says: We await your first contribution …]

  3. England saved the world from evil before.

    Europe was before siezed by unspeakable evil, with weapons beyond belief, who were better dressed, better educated, and oddly enough had better manners(?!) than this bunch.

    They also preached an ideology of hate and superiority over everyone else.

    You (us) stopped them before they reached America and I recognize this truth.

    If anyone can, ENGLAND CAN!


    and God Bless our English friends.
    [EDL says: Thank you, Dean. The support we receive from overseas is very special to us. Best wishes!]

  4. Veteran101.I’m an Iraq veteran.seen this coming 20yrs ago at least.the bad news is “its only going to get worse”.

  5. I just wanted to say that I agreed with absolutely everything Tommy said on GMB yesterday. I thought he did so well standing up for British people and standing up to piers Morgan. Keep up the good work.

  6. Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination!

    Dear British people ??? he talks to (people like him)… I’m a “British Native” ,,,this imam sounds like a friend,,, Quran 3:28…

    g w …

  7. Have the greatest demo marching on Parliament. I think the EDL is the
    most important thing to happen to Britain in a long time. It’s a shame
    we have to be jailed & railed at by the press and generally treated as if
    we had the plague .. I’ve been here since 2010 and now-a-days it seems each
    demo in the North of England is a very tough slog. Liverpool was
    like a giant boa constrictor. The EDL has never lacked for bravery.
    [EDL says: Police have re-routed our London demo away from Parliament. Details later.]

  8. I am entirely unconvinced by the statement from the Imams. If they had cared the statement would have been given long ago. It is to make things easier for them. They are deviants in every sense and they do want complete control of the country. I would like to see the mosques closed and all returned to an Islamic country, don’t care which one. The time for them being ‘sympathetic’ is long gone. EDL CARRY ON

    1. It was a joke – a dream! They would no more do that than they would fly to the moon!

  9. If the imam keep all them promises then I will be astonished. The amount of muslims in this country over 3400 that are declared dangerous and linked to terror attack are still here due to human rights. Our primeminster said she will wrip any human right laws up if it means to keep this country and people safe. They are not human. They are jealous that we have a civil beautiful country with community’s and cities. Send all evil back to their dry pathetic unlivible countries.

  10. A dream. The only sad thing about this dream is this: if I had a dream that water was wet people would say “yeah, you dick, that’s to be expected”. Unfortunately, though, what’s to be expected from muslims isn’t always/hardly ever congruent with what happens.

    Strength to you all.

  11. Give some respect to us Arabs. You murder the same amount of people as us. The only difference is that you kill for the bible in our country.

    Allah Akbar.

    1. Jihadii Johnn.
      I believe in no God. And I think we should stay completely out of Muslim affairs. But I do not want you and your kind in my country. All that you do is commit crimes, lie and cheat and cause problems. You will never be allowed to take over in England. We will fight to defend our homeland. And every undesirable like you will be deported.

  12. Look at the backdrop to Corbyn’s conference platform in Brighton – the word ‘Labour’ with a mosque silhouette as the background.
    Yep, we’re really going to make progress against Islamic fascism – not!

  13. Drop a bomb on London , no harm done .
    Place is full of all sorts . As for the North and Midlands enmass arrests of mouthy pakis and instant deportation. No going back now , people are weak and pakis been allowed to takeover , white people have been displaced in British cities due to lack of guts.

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