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Islam: The Religion of Peace Strikes Again

After every Muslim terrorist attack, as predictable as the rain in London, we are fed bland reassurances regarding the disconnect between Islam and Muslim terrorist(s).   The examples are legion.

We refer the reader to David Cameron, prime minister of Britain, the day after the murder of Lee Rigby (23 May 2013).  The link reveals his effort at shallow propaganda on behalf of Islam.  He said then, that ‘it was a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities that give so much to our country.’  A year later the judge trying the two murderers said that what those two did ‘was a betrayal of Islam.’

This connection is further drawn here.

The latest tragedy in Westminster, a car and knife jihad on 22 March, is no different.  At the time of writing, the murdering Muslim killed four people, including a police officer.  Dozens more were injured, some seriously and are still fighting for their lives in hospitals around London.  More may die.  The Muslim, Khalid Masood, was killed at the scene.

The next day, the prime minister, Theresa May assured an angry and frightened public that the murderer, though a Muslim who had acted because of his belief in Allah/Mohammed, had ‘perverted a great faith.’

Let us inform you Mrs May: the Islam you would like to believe is worthy of being called a ‘great faith’ just doesn’t exist.  You have a well-meaning but naive view of Islam as some sort of analogue of Christianity.  With each jihadist attack, you set yourself – and the British public – up for inevitable disappointment.

We see this perception also in the Prevent program.  (Such irony in that name!)  They have written to assure anxious and frightened school children that:

“If the attack does turn out to be Islamist, we all know how far away this kind of act is from Islam and is absolutely not an accurate reflection of what Islam teaches.”

From: Jake Butterworth, Prevent Education Officer, of Hammersmith and Fulham; 23 March 2017

The interesting thing about these two sources, and many others, is that these people never ever produce an argument to justify their assertions.  God-like pronouncements are supposed to be sufficient for a supposed simple minded and ignorant public who cannot or will not read and who will never open a Koran.  If these people know something about Islam that we do not, we should be told chapter and verse.  Draw on the history and theology of this great religion and show us what we have missed.  It should be easy for them, with all the resources at their disposal to present an argument that does not insult the intelligence of the public.

But no. The fight has gone out of our leaders; they have become sharia-compliant.  The resolve in our leaders that has helped save this country throughout its history from enemies far and wide has dissipated into a cloud of political correctness, cowardly ambition, short-term opportunistic posturing and virtue signalling.

We pay these people tell us the truth and defend us. Instead we get the opposite: lies and mediocre responses to terror and threats of terror.  Special note of gratitude, however, goes to the police and security services which have done a superhuman job of protecting the public from many attacks; but they are hampered by the larger context which refuses to publicly name the enemy: Islam. If our leaders do not name the enemy, and launch a proportionate response, we predict more serving police officers and innocent passers-by will be killed by political correctness – the same political correctness that broke the lives of young English girls in Rotherham and elsewhere.

The teachings of Islam turn mild mannered and peaceful Muslims (and there many of them) into murdering monsters.

ISIS has claimed the attack as one of their own.  Whether they had a direct hand in it is of no significance.  What is significant, however, is that they recognise it, like the Lee Rigby murder, as consistent with the teachings of Islam.  This group and others like it (Al Qaeda, al Shabaab) never tire of quoting their ‘holy’ scriptures to explain and justify their actions.  For their own survival and that of Islam in this country, many imams in the UK are quick to distance themselves from this latest attack in Westminster.   But imams and Muslims overseas tell a different story:

Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, the late ISIS spokesman, in a 2016 audio message released after the declaration of its so-called caliphate, instructed European followers to carry out attacks in their home countries.

“If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman, or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car,” he said.

Car jihad was encouraged years ago by Al Qaeda in their magazine Inspire.  Last year ISIS, in their magazine Dabiq, not only encouraged truck jihad, but gave operational guidance. All this and so much more is known to those who are supposed to protect and serve the nation.

When will our leaders act on what they, surely, must know?  We are waiting.  In the meantime we will put feet on the streets to educate and encourage them and the public.



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  1. Islam must be band in the uk. We are all at risk from them. Walking down the street isn’t as safe as it should be are government as made this problem. God help us

    1. from the pictures of the women terrorists arrested.their pictures in the papers last week. shows you how much of a risk we now take walking down the street. all 3 muslim women were prepared to stab someone to death. what evil vile creatures these women are. who were they out to kill a women a mother with her kids.
      what in gods name are these people thinking about.
      we need to ban these head dresses. if you cant go into a bank wearing a crash helmet why should these creatures not be made to show their faces. its the same thing.
      moreover. how do you know if it is a women behind this rag.is that not a security risk.

  2. Mark their own people are at risk from them, they blow up women and children in market places. mutilate little girls.mow people down. massacre children at school.
    look at our streets now. we should be protecting them from themselves.
    look at Bradford rochdale. child molesters, they are rarely prosecuted because its what they have always done. look at their history. their families.they often marry their 1st cousins some have even married their brothers.sisters. this behaviour is normal to them but vile to us.this is why we clash.their culture.and ours is not compatible. and never will be

    1. Thanks bud is drive in me crazy worry about all my family. Taxi drivers scar the shot out of me lol. Are food going Islam 2. Government helps them settle in. It’s madness. People wat for it to be on the doorstep I want to do somethin about it beforehand. Feel so sorry for all the people I that as been affected by the disease.

      1. What disease are we talking about here Mark
        the ones we eradicated,before they brought it back.TB as an example.we outlawed spitting under the consumption laws. how many filthy *”~# s do you see spitting. my neighbour uses his kitchen sink drain to piss in. that must be a risk..their filthy feet being washed in our hand basins at work. oh my god. the women stand on the loo seats. then just walk away and leave it.all piss over the cistern.
        things got so bad at work, they had to put notices up..
        the people who like the asians are those who do not have to live next door to them or work with them.

      2. i live it everyday mark
        most mornings banging on walls slamming wardrobe doors to an throw. on Sunday i put some plastics out 9pm. as i turned to walk back to my front door the muslim next door was standing staring very evil vile people.i stood there and looked at him and his ugly wife.i just turned and walked into my home i walked to the bay window. he was just stood there hands on my fence. if this was reversed it would be threatening behaviour. because im white and live on my own its nothing. i have had no help from the police in the last 3 years.
        these tenants are scum. pissing spitting. rubbish thrown in my garden rubbish thrown in the house on the other side of them. they were fined for throwing rubbish in the hedge. but according to the WPC who called in they are model citizens. so ya be afraid be very afraid.

  3. Islam basically means dirty nonce rapists

    1. You’re right there the paper yesterday reported on young eastern Europen girls brought here to marry Pakistan men dirty sad scum.
      Also women given cheap rent for sex does not take much to work out who they are you filthy vile @#*” s

  4. The constant rhetoric of islam (I refuse to use a capitol I for ‘islam’) ‘the religion of peace’ is the biggest crock of malignance I’m yet to come across. Malignant: this is what it is. I’m more than happy to proffer it’s not a religion AT ALL. I can categorically GUARANTEE that if presented with a lie detector the majority of ‘peaceful’ muslims (no capitol again) would fail if asked “do you believe in mohammed/allah”. And likewise, if asked “believe in peace”: fail. If asked was Manchester bomb bad, and they replied “yes, horrible”, what a surprise: FAIL. Best thing in life: still born muslim.

  5. We need a new political party that will not shy away from confronting the enemy that is Islamic fundamentalism. A party that understands certain cultures are just not compatible. A party that completely opposes the social engineering program known as multiculturalism. A party that isn’t schizophrenic about it’s values such as the likes of UKIP. A party that puts the indigenous peoples of the British isles and their interests before those of anyone else. A party that isn’t afraid to make the decisions that are necessary if this nation is to thrive and it’s people are free to live their lives without fear of being brutally murdered in the street by peoples who are in fact racists and supremacists, people who see us as less than human. Islam is unquestionably our enemy since it is absolutely clear about it’s ambitions by it’s own words as expressed in the Koran, the enslavement and oppression of all peoples on Earth in the name of their fabricated God. When that party arrives I will vote for it.
    [EDL says: That party exists: Liberty GB. It meets all your critieria and they would welcome an enquiry and membership application from you. https://libertygb.org.uk]

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