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Statement on the 15 September Parsons Green bombing

The botched explosion on a District Line train near Parsons Green station two days ago (15 September 2017) should not be underestimated. It was a narrow escape for all those in the targeted carriage and it was also a warning that other attacks are likely in the immediate future. The government made the same assessment and raised the threat level to critical, the top of the UK scale.

Soldiers on the streets

Soldiers moved onto the streets yesterday, freeing police from static guard duties at buildings, venues, transport hubs and facilities to take on a mobile, pro-active, protective role across the country, with the focus on high-risk locations in London.

How to describe the attack?

24 hours after the attack the police were treating it as one with the familiar characteristics of a jihad attack by a Muslim, although police, politicians and the media are refusing to say so: they prefer instead to describe it only as a “terrorist” attack. When being more specific about the type of terrorism involved, they will use the terms “extremist”, “Islamist” or “Islamist extremist”.

24 hours after the attack, a “significant arrest” was made of an 18-year-old in Dover. Let’s see how he describes his motivations when he appears in court. Let’s see if he agrees that he is best described by any of the terms used by senior officials and respected media commentators. He’d know better than anybody else.

24 hours after the attack Anne Marie Waters, a candidate in the current UKIP leadership ballot, set herself apart from every other politician in the country when she tweeted:

“We will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism” say leaders. When too afraid to name a problem, you are both intimidated & defeated.

Treat the attack according to its intentions, not as a fizzer

The threat is not only one for the next few days. The BBC’s security correspondent said that the Parson’s Green bomb,

had it worked as intended, it would have killed everyone around it and maimed everyone in the train carriage for life.

That is what we must respond to, not the relatively small explosion that actually occurred.

How long will these attacks continue?

Until politicians match their words about responding “proportionately and sensibly” with proportionate and sensible actions, Islamic terrorism with massive death and maiming tolls in English trains, streets, concerts and buses will be feature of English society forever.

Forever! Or at least until Muslims achieve their aim of turning our country into a caliphate. That is when their religion promises them they will have achieved their “religion of peace” – when all opposition has been vanquished and all kuffar/infidels/non-believers have converted to Islam or otherwise submitted.

If we don’t aim to prevent jihad attacks, we are aiming to be their victims

The English Defence League is firm: a proportionate and sensible response is one that prevents all future Islamic terrorism. Is there any non-Muslim who would not prefer to prevent Islamic terrorism? Most may be at loss to see how that could come about; we’ll get to that.

Police and intelligence services can, through counter-terrorism intelligence work, nip most attacks in the bud. Even when they prevent an attack, they do not prevent the intention, the scheming, the planning, the networking, the training or the inspiration provided by scriptures, preachers, lies, Marxist agent provocateurs, videos and other motivators. Even a failed attack inspires others to do better. We know from experience across Europe that there is, to all intents and purposes, an inexhaustible supply of Muslims who are passionate about jihad and who welcome death in pursuit of the privileges of martyrdom.

We need to defuse Muslims and Islam in the UK

The only way to prevent Islamic terrorism is to defuse Muslims in Britain as individuals and as communities, congregations, organisations, classes and representative bodies. Islam has demonstrated that it, too, needs to be defused for the safety and security of the rest of the population.

We are not calling for deportation, banning, incarceration or any other impracticable knee-jerk reaction. Just defusing.

Do we really want to live the rest of our lives being a few steps too many behind the Islamists and their sorry English victims? Far preferable to deploying crack police snipers, brave MI5 informers and threat levels hovering back and forth between “severe” and “critical” would be for British Muslims to never even think about imposing sharia on their aspirational British caliphate.

Preventing attacks will be difficult. But so will living with a murderous mass jihad attack every couple of months or so. Surely aiming for prevention is “proportionate and sensible”. And surely it is within the capabilities of our society to deal with and prevent this recurring deadly terrorist activity. Who believes we cannot do so?

Can we, please, make Parsons Green the turning point from denial and incomprehension to a truly proportionate and responsible response?


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  1. All I can say is that this is true. We all must unite. Every true citizen must unite with honest citizens who have no hidden agenda. Honourable, hardworking citizens need to make a definitive stand.
    Thank you, EDL for wanting defusing.

  2. Similar to world war two, it was stated that not every German’s a Nazi, but every Nazi was a German. Well, not every muslim condones I.S, but every member of I.S. is a muslim!!
    Good on ya, EDL!

  3. Agree with above, there’s one flaw however – as I see it.
    Every EDL thread, forum & discussion whilst commendable, is asking for change. For our politicians to accept there is a war in Europe, to accept we are facing a threat as never before to our very civilization. Look at Brussels/Brexit, SNP, SF in Ulster, Corbyn … They cannot even align & agree for the good of the voting public without banging their own political drums. There is no credible likelihood of the political elite ever uniting as one to take on Islam for the good of a mainstream & moderate civil society. What’s needed today is a fresh & enlightened politically savvy voice/voices to speak up, consign political correctness to the ‘tried this and failed’ waste then robustly deal with Islamic Jihad if not in Europe then at least in the UK. Of course as soon as this voice does speak up then all of the usual labels (extremist, racist, bigot islamaphobe, Nazi etc.)are immediately attached and the individual voice or group is stigmatized & relegated to the political wilderness. What does not help is the media coverage of far right groups in Germany and elsewhere behaving like Hitler’s brown shirted bigoted thugs. For the fight to be taken to Islamic Jihad at grass roots level, there needs to be a smart, reasoned and intelligent approach if this threat is ever going to be seriously countered, otherwise the talk will remain just that – talk.
    [EDL says: We agree! Our country needs people like you who see the threat and are prepared to act. Please bite the bullet and get involved in one of the many organisations that share your concerns and your feeling of urgency. The English Defence League has been active for 9 years, but there are other groups including LibertyGB and Britain First, that will appeal more to others itching for action. And there are yet other smaller groups also eager to grow and make an impact. Join one of these, support them with time and donations and, most important, become actively involved so your individual energy is amplified in group action.
    No group is going to be a perfect match for your analysis of the problems or the best course of action, but don’t let that hold you back. Choose one – or more – and get involved to help shape the direction of this struggle facing England and Western civilisation.]

  4. I am asking for deportation.
    I don’t like their culture and I don’t like Pakistani scum.
    I hate PC, feminism and do gooders.
    To me Pakistanis born in the UK will never be British, never, even if Christian.
    I want them and their wingeing children deported.

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