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Swastika mischief in Coventry today

A handful of our opponents have decided they are failing to make their case with the truth, so they will try making it with lies.

Today sneakily-painted swastikas appeared in Coventry on the day of our demonstration. Were the swastikas painted by Unite against Fascism or its affiliates?

What the EDL stands for has nothing to do with swastikas. Nothing

People who want to know what the English Defence League stands for could read the dozen placards we displayed at our demonstration today.

The Coventry Telegraph provocatively ignored our words on those placards, the words we stand by, the words held high today by men, women and children at our demonstration.

Instead they provocatively published anonymous graffiti with the suggestion that the EDL was behind the swastikas and that swastikas – associated Germany’s Third Reich and anti-semitism ever since – represent our views.

Anti-semitism and the left today

In the last few weeks we have watched the Labour Party – particularly those members associated with Islamic supremacy, Jew hatred as ordained in the Koran and Hamas’s brutal and corrupt rule Gaza and the West Bank – squirm as their anti-semitism has been exposed. No wonder some bright spark came up with the idea of painting the EDL as anti-semitic – to spread the pain. It’d be fun to put the swastika painters, or those who ordered the swastika painting, in a room with Nick Griffin who wrote again just this month about the proof he has of Zionist funding and support for the EDL! Ho-hum.

The EDL and the Jewish people

Let’s make it clear: We support the Jewish people who have borne the brunt of Islamic suppression since Allah told Gabriel who told Mohammed how to treat Jews as second class people. Many of us support the state of Israel for the same reason. And many of us also support the present government of Israel. We have nothing to say about the Jewish religion.

The EDL and fascism

The English Defence League has two concerns with fascism: 1. Islamo-fascism – which is a core feature of Islam as an ideology (but less so as a religion), 2. The appropriation of the word “fascism” by “Unite against Fascism” to mask the fascist nature of their own policies, tactics, activities and rhetoric.

Swastikas in Coventry today

There is a history of swastikas appearing where they could do harm to the EDL if innuendo linking them to us was persuasive: on mosques, the city hall in Liverpool, a war memorial and elsewhere. Sadly, we can expect the same smear tactics to continue into the future. They are a sign of desperation by the UaF and associated “useful idiots”. They will not deflect us from our activities.

Our next national demonstration will be in London on 16 July. UaF may be out with their spray cans again, but UaF spray paint can’t hide the truth.
(PS: Thank you to the people of Coventry who engaged with us today and clapped as we passed.)


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  1. Plenty of proof of the alliance between the Nazi Party and Islam during WW2.

    Which begs the question why did the allies rewrite history as taught after WW2 to make no mention of the Evil alliance between Hitler Tojo and Islam specifically the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

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