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A side event at the EDL’s demo in Birmingham, 8 April

Background to the English Defence League demonstration in Birmingham The English Defence League was invited to Birmingham by its West Midlands members to highlight the local Islamic influences that motivated the Westminster jihadist, Khalid Masood. But Masood is not the only jihadist from Birmingham. There has been Britain’s first Al Qaeda-inspired terrorist, Moinul Abedin in […]

EDL’s 2016 – The year in review

January The year began for us – and for Western civilisation – in the first seconds of 2016 when women among the New Year revellers in Cologne, Germany, were subjected to groping, sexual abuse and worse. It is symbolic that the attacks occurred just metres from the High Cathedral of St Peter. The attackers must […]

We are proud of English culture!

People on the political, international left, especially the young, Marxist revolutionaries and romantic utopians, proclaim that there is no such thing as English culture. Or they dismiss English culture as being expressed only through quaint minority hobbies like Morris dancing and bird watching. Here is a list of achievements that are either distinctively English, or […]

An American father’s advice to his son – and to other American fathers

The threat from expansionist Islam (including terrorism and other violence in our own country) and the sharia Islam intends to impose on the West is leading many of us to think carefully and afresh about how our society can best respond. Some of us have thought also how we, as individuals, can and should respond. […]

The attack in Russell Square on Wednesday 3 August 2016

English Defence League statement The attack in Russell Square on Wednesday 3 August 2016 At around 10:30 last night (3 August 2016) a woman was murdered with a knife in an attack in Russell Square, London. The police say “terrorism remains one line of inquiry.” The BBC’s Radio 4 reported that police are investigating “what […]

Was Nice truck driver an Islamic jihadist or not?

  The actions of the Nice killer are totally understandable as jihad – not in spite of his history of apparently un-Muslim behaviour (alcohol, drugs, wife-beating, not attending a mosque, petty crime, active bi-sexuality), but because of his history. It’s possible he was undertaking violent jihad – “fighting in Allah’s cause” – to earn redemption […]

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