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Statement on the 15 September Parsons Green bombing

The botched explosion on a District Line train near Parsons Green station two days ago (15 September 2017) should not be underestimated. It was a narrow escape for all those in the targeted carriage and it was also a warning that other attacks are likely in the immediate future. The government made the same assessment […]


The attack in Russell Square on Wednesday 3 August 2016

English Defence League statement The attack in Russell Square on Wednesday 3 August 2016 At around 10:30 last night (3 August 2016) a woman was murdered with a knife in an attack in Russell Square, London. The police say “terrorism remains one line of inquiry.” The BBC’s Radio 4 reported that police are investigating “what […]


Was Nice truck driver an Islamic jihadist or not?

  The actions of the Nice killer are totally understandable as jihad – not in spite of his history of apparently un-Muslim behaviour (alcohol, drugs, wife-beating, not attending a mosque, petty crime, active bi-sexuality), but because of his history. It’s possible he was undertaking violent jihad – “fighting in Allah’s cause” – to earn redemption […]

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