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A side event at the EDL’s demo in Birmingham, 8 April

Background to the English Defence League demonstration in Birmingham The English Defence League was invited to Birmingham by its West Midlands members to highlight the local Islamic influences that motivated the Westminster jihadist, Khalid Masood. But Masood is not the only jihadist from Birmingham. There has been Britain’s first Al Qaeda-inspired terrorist, Moinul Abedin in […]


The Violence of the West Midlands Police against the EDL in Coventry

The West Midlands Police win the award for crass, unprovoked, heavy-handed, disrespect and especially violent actions against the English Defence League during our demonstration in Coventry on 21 May 2016. The lead-up to the WMP baton wielding after our demonstration All seemed to go well until it was time to leave the area of our […]

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