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Telford Grooming scandal – our response.

The Sunday Mirror has published today, Sunday 11 March 2018, the first in a series on its investigation of Muslim grooming gangs in Telford.

These reports follow from the media interest in the gangs and our demonstration in the town in 2016.

Britain’s child sex capital

Eighteen months ago the Mirror declared Telford was “Britain’s child sex capital”.

Today’s article estimates the number of victims in Telford as 1,000. This is fewer than the 1,400 (now 1,510) estimated for Rotherham. But as Telford (population 150,000) is smaller than Rotherham (262,000) the proportion of victims in the town is greater.

How widespread is the Muslim child grooming and sexual abuse?

The Sunday Mirror says:

The nation was appalled by the extent of child sex abuse in Rotherham, shocked by revelations from Rochdale. Now an 18-month Sunday Mirror investigation shows Telford could be home to crimes every bit as sickening in their horror. And what is more depressing is that we have uncovered the same litany of failure.

Yes, Rotherham and Rochdale. But Derby, Keighley, Oxford, Peterborough, and over 50 other centres have shown the same pattern of sexual abuse by Muslim men of English girls. We have documented over 170 completed trials

The Mirror is knowingly underplaying the dimensions of the problem with its ingenuous

That begs an unpalatable question. Rotherham. Rochdale. Telford. How many more? Are child abusers lurking in other towns and cities in our land? Are they operating in some of them? 

Can the Mirror really be so ignorant? Why does the Mirror address its readers as if they were children?

The Mirror goes on to declare:

The Sunday Mirror will now hand our dossier of shame to the Home Office. Home Secretary Amber Rudd should act on it immediately. And the way to do that is with a full public inquiry.

The Home Secretary is, of course, fully aware of the problem. She has at her fingertips the details of the 170 trials we have documented and the many others that have not been reported online. She also knows we have been pursuing the issue relentlessly for a decade, doing more to expose the scandal to the British public than the Mirror will ever do.

Could it be anything to do with Islam?

By saying the situation in Telford is “similar” to that in Rotherham and Rochdale, and referring to “Asians” and also naming a convicted abuser (who has an Arabic/”Muslim” name) the Mirror is pointing at the Muslim community as the source of the abuse – and yet it won’t use the “M-word”. Today they give themselves a pat on the back for their high principles: “It is the job of a free press to expose wrongdoing,” but they display throughout the timidity and political correctness they scorn in others.

A public inquiry?

We agree with the Mirror’s call for a public inquiry. But we have been calling repeatedly since the publication of the Jay report on Rotherham for two Royal Commissions,

  • one into the cover-up of that abuse – by other Muslims as well as by government officials,
  • another into what motivates Muslim men to abuse English girls on an extraordinary scale.
    • The latter is not the EDL’s own idea. It comes straight from the Serious Case Review of the 2012 Oxford grooming gang investigation: “With a significant proportion of those found guilty nationally of group CSE being from a Pakistani and/or Muslim heritage, relevant government departments should research why this is the case, in order to guide prevention strategies.”

The English Defence League has been steadfastly pursuing the grooming gangs, the wider “rape jihad”, the cover-up of the crimes by police, officials and the Muslim community for nine years. And, unlike the Mirror, we are not going away.

We demanded action back in 2009 and we’ll continue until the issues are fully exposed, the perpetrators punished, the victims helped and until Muslim men themselves cease the abuse by removing it from the culture of Muslim Britain. We are not on this issue for circulation, journalism awards or readership. We are here for the next generation of English mothers. No surrender!

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