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The attack in Russell Square on Wednesday 3 August 2016

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The attack in Russell Square on Wednesday 3 August 2016

At around 10:30 last night (3 August 2016) a woman was murdered with a knife in an attack in Russell Square, London. The police say “terrorism remains one line of inquiry.” The BBC’s Radio 4 reported that police are investigating “what was said” in the attack.

Two other women and three men were injured in the attack.

The attack came on the same day that that the police paraded their new anti-terrorism gear and told Londoners they had 600 officers ready to respond to a terrorism incident.

The police also report that “Early indications suggest that mental health is a significant factor in this case”. Sadly, that’s a sign that political correctness is already colouring reporting of the case. If there are psychiatric issues involved, they will concern mental illness, not mental health.

We are past the time where we can childishly hide from the reality in the hope that we can “create our own reality”. We have to use plain language and clear thinking, not politically correct language and wishful thinking.

Examples of plain language and clear thinking

Yesterday American commentator Robert Spencer repeated his warning that:

There is a state of war between ISIS and the West. And the West is pretending that the war doesn’t exist, and enabling the enemy to advance.

Four days ago, in the latest edition of its propaganda magazine Dabiq, ISIS repeated its warnings:

I advise you to attack the Crusaders and their allies wherever you are, as that is something that you are able to do. Don’t be tricked by the apostate “scholars.”

Attack the interests of the Crusader coalition near you, including their embassies, businesses, and “civilians.” … Follow the example of the lions in France and Belgium, the example of the blessed couple in California, and the examples of the knights in Orlando and Nice. If you do so then your reward is with Allah and you will have no regrets when you meet Him.

Images of Islamic State lions engaging their prey on the battle fields of Iraq, the Levant, and other front-lines – as well as in Paris, Brussels, Orlando, and other cities behind enemy lines – deliver a clear message to the Crusaders and their allies: this is a divinely-warranted war between the Muslim nation and the nations of disbelief. Despite this clarity, many people in Crusader countries express shock and even disgust that Islamic State leadership “uses religion to justify violence.” Indeed, waging jihad – spreading the rule of Allah by the sword – is an obligation found in the Quran, the word of our Lord.

Muslims are not ashamed of abiding by the rules sent down from their Lord regarding war and enforcement of divine law.

Ten days ago, we – the English Defence League – published our media announcement for the demonstration we are holding in Nottingham on 6 August. We included our clear-thinking strategy using plain language comprising 14 measures:

These are all measures we have previously advocated. Now we frame them as a strategy to defend our nation. They must become as much as part of our national defence as are our armed service personnel, Tornado jets, battle tanks, police, GCHQ, etc.


For those who skip reading our strategy (because they believe they can pre-judge it), we add here an extract:

We feel obliged by media coverage of current events to add in this announcement our condemnation of all racism and the sporadic violence that has occurred since – and of course before – the referendum. None of this is in the name of the EDL and all of it is contrary to our aims and purpose. Perhaps most reprehensible is violence against – and the bullying of – women and girls.

Well-informed clear thinking

Armed police cannot protect civilians from sudden jihadist violence. At the best, they can respond quickly to halt the carnage from an attack that has been going on for some time.

Anti-terror police armed to the teeth do not deter jihadists. Where we read of a terrorist being killed, jihadists think of martyrdom. The fear of death does not enter their heads. Islam teaches them that martyrdom through armed jihad is a guarantee of a direct route to paradise (by-passing Hell) and eternal bliss in an existence that makes earthly life look like purgatory at best. The perpetrators believe their souls enter paradise as their first drop of blood is spilt and they are welcomed while their earthly body is still writhing from its wounds.

We have to get our heads around their way of thinking if we are to understand them. And we need to understand them if we are to protect ourselves and our society.

The only way to prevent jihadism in the UK is to neuter Islamism. Prevention is better than rapid response.

The only way we will neuter Islamism is by confronting Islamism directly. Our 14-point strategy will confront Islamism without affecting the private devotions or religious beliefs of followers of any faith.

This coming Saturday join us in Nottingham where we will demonstrate our support for civilisation, the English way of life, our principles of justice, equality before the law and fairness and our opposition to jihad.

On into the future – If you can’t be with us on Saturday, support our cause by talking about these issues with your friends and acquaintances. Write to your MP demanding government action that is sufficient to neuter the Islamist threat. Urge the sweeping away of political correctness. Support those who speak out (anger is understandable – hate is the wrong response). And support the English Defence League in any way you can – including by donating through our website:




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  1. Janice Rushforth-Lee

    I do not know where these people get the idea that they are going to meet their god. In the Christian bible there is no such promise, the belief in my church (Christadelphians) being that we remain in our grave until Jesus returns and then inhabit an earthly paradise. We do not believe that there is a bit of us that floats off to heaven when we die, the word soul referring to the whole body.

    1. Addition … add the word false or cult to the search otherwise you just get their own pro websites, not the ones quoting their teachings/books for example that teach false things about Jesus.

  2. Muslims. Do not like us and will never be integrated. And a drain on our country.

  3. your right, so why come here. we now have the poles opening their own shops whole areas being turned into ghetto s .Why are they all coming here. lets stop housing benefit, child benefit, free NHS,and then see how many go home. These parasites are costing us a fortune. A lot of them are criminals. ex cons in their own country.
    why do we not have the same system as Australia, criminals are stopped at point of entry.sent on the next plane back. we need a point system here NOW.
    We need to rethink before its too late. Lets bring in National I D Cards.
    This would cut the benefit fraud.Also fleecing our hospitals, as you would need a card to access our hospitals.
    why is England such a soft touch, we must stop people believing this is a promised land.

  4. Why do so few of you,who read our site never add to it. are you all so afraid to. have we got to such a scared state,that you are afraid to say a word. that you never show support our EDL. Come on lets here from you all.
    This is the problem. you all say what you think,but never put it here. we need to speak up.

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