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The dynamics of Muslim grooming gangs – speech in Newcastle

Speech by “Bill Sir William”, a stalwart of our cause and a cherished orator at our demos.


In this speech in his home town, Newcastle, on 24 September 2016 he outlines the dynamics of Muslim grooming gangs and the official cover-up.

Bill: [0:45] This is a beautiful, wonderful and friendly city. But, like so many other cities in the United Kingdom, there’s an underbelly. And that underbelly stinks. It’s an underbelly that’s protected [1:00] by the governments, local and national, and by the police! – not these guys on the floor (gesturing to the police protecting our demo) but the pricks above them who give them their orders. And when there’s a call, and people like you (EDL footsoldiers) come out: Heroes! Everyone of you! Heroes! Because I know what you’re risking.

Some of you are risking your jobs. Maybe your homes. [1:30] Maybe your liberty. And that in my mind makes you absolutely ace people – heroes!

Now on that underbelly in Newcastle I was on about. They make it dangerous for our female visitors who come here, who have to be warned by the police. And I know this happens because I used to work in the hotel industry and I’ve seen the leaflets getting passed round. [2:00]

First of all: females – make sure it’s a legal taxi. For in truth, we found out since the launch of Operation Sanctuary, that a lot of the problems we have are with the legal taxis as well.

Also, our young children who are destroyed – and they are destroyed, because there’s no coming back from what they have to deal with. Many end up as drug addicts [2:30].

Once again, they’re protected, time and again, enticed into these take away shops, where they’re offered free food and big smiles. Or they’re offered a “tab hon” – for them that’s not from this part of the world, that’s a cigarette.

“How would you like a free meal, love?”

Or, “you’re going where? I’ll get a taxi to run you to Benwell and you’re not going to get charged for it. [3:00]

“Bring a mate when you come next time. Bring a mate with you.”

And then they butter them up, and they get them used to the alcohol. They get them pissed on the alcohol. Then they introduce soft drugs. Then they introduce hard drugs. And that’s where it starts big style.

They start pimping them. Pimping them out – not just in this city, but they put them in taxis and cars and ferry them around to different places [3:30], for grown adult men to abuse. The men who do this, do it out of an evil ideology; and they make money out of it; and they don’t give a shit about the young lives that have been destroyed.

It’s not been going on for a couple of years, this. It’s been going on for thirty years. Fourteen hundred [4:00] in the Jay report – which is a low estimate – but it could have been twice that, if not three times that. But when you take it nationally, you’re probably looking at a million young lives that have been destroyed. Are still being destroyed.

Last night, in this city, some young girl was getting abused. She was getting abused and these guys in the yellow coats (gesturing at the police officers) are impotent, because their commanders won’t let them interfere.

They won’t let them interfere because of political correctness [4:30] – that’s something this country needs to dump and dump straight away so honest men and women can tell the truth, expose the truth and not get persecuted for doing it.


You’re being persecuted now, but in time to come you’ll be recognised for the heroes you are.

Who is behind it? Some say “radical Islam”. I go beyond that – I say Islam. [5:00] They all read the same damned book! They’re indoctrinated from the age of four in their backward ideology. And our girls? They’re not seen as people. They’re just seen as sexual toys.

I’ve seen some of these girls. I’ve been privileged to talk to them: brave ones who have come forward and asked us for help. I wish there was more that would do that. [5:30] I’ve seen the devastation in their eyes. And I look at them – and I try not to show pity. All of these girls who have suffered and are still suffering, they have brothers, they have sisters; they have mums, they have dads, they have aunties and uncles, grandparents; and a wider circle of friends who watch their friends decay [6:00] and rot away into oblivion.

ENOUGH! Enough is enough! Everybody who can see this and closes their eyes is guilty in my eyes.

I’ll try not to be rude to the police here, because the police are only following orders. But they are also mums and dads; they’re also boyfriends. And they see more than we see [6:30] on a nightly basis in this city and round the country. There are the guys on the front line who see it. And then their commanders turn round and say “Shush! We don’t want to have trouble”.

BOLLOCKS! Let’s have the trouble! Let’s have it now!

Let’s get it out while we’ve still got a chance to deal with it. It’s only a matter of time before there’s more atrocities in this country. I’ve seen them all over mainland Europe. It’s going to happen here! We can’t stop it. [7:00] When it happens I want to see these guys in the yellow coats and the funny hats turn round and say “Well, we knew about this but I was told by him, by him, by him – and we’ll see where the real cracks are, the real ones who are trying to hide the truth.

Let’s take them out of their jobs, take away their pensions, drag them before the court and see them doing hard time in jails. [7:30]


Having said that, this is still a beautiful city! It’s one of the freest cities in the UK. Have you noticed today that nothing’s been closed up against us [the EDL]; you’re free to go where you want. If you’re staying over, please, respect our city the way we do. Enjoy it. Enjoy its people who will welcome you with open arms – apart from the thickos over here [UaF etc].

Before I finish, let me just say something, please. [8:00] A big thank you to the stewards – who always put themselves at the front and get pushed and bollocksed about and do their best to keep things orderly – in a nice orderly crowd like yourselves.

Now a word about the organizers. Not an easy thing to sort something like this out; and I know what the lads have been through trying to organise this. [8:30]

Finally, finally, I love you all, and thank you to the organisers for giving me the opportunity, once again, to stand before you. It’s a privilege and an honour and I hope I can do it again.


Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0vPHsaYeoo

Transcribed by EDL Writers


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