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The EDL responds to the Chairman of Peterborough’s Faizan e Madinah mosque

Mr Abdul Muquaddas Choudhuri, Chairman of Peterborough’s Faizan e Madinah mosque, has written in Peterborough Today on 28 October about what he calls “EDL myths”.

He makes his task easy by:

(a) misrepresenting our position, and then

(b) criticising his own misrepresentation – not the EDL.

The English Defence League comes out of this unscathed.

Mr Choudhuri begins with a misrepresentation about the make-up of our demonstrating members in Peterborough on 21 October. He imagines he has scored a point with his claim that

most, if not all of them, were from outside Peterborough.

Of course most of our participants came from outside Peterborough! Our members in Peterborough had been inviting us for some months to demonstrate in the city and English Defence League people from across England were pleased to help them out.

That’s the way our demonstrations are conducted: our members from outside the demonstration city support the local members by traveling to show that the issues pushed at us by Islam are being pushed similarly in every English city.

Our country is under siege:

  • Illegal immigration (we call it what it is: invasion),
  • Murder and wounding by Islamic terrorists,
  • Sexual abuse of the next generation of English mothers (we call it what it is: it’s the use of rape as a weapon of war – “rape jihad”).

Our thanks to Mr Choudhuri

Before we deal with some of the issues he raises, we thank him for addressing these issues. Our demonstrations of marches, songs, placards, chants and speeches are designed to attract attention to the concerns we have about Islam. These issues do need addressing and Mr Choudhuri did his best to do this without being distracted by our tone and style.

Many of our opponents criticise our tone and style and we believe this is because they are too politically correct or intimidated to debate us on the issues. Not Mr Choudhuri; well done, Sir.

1. Sexual grooming and abuse of English girls by Muslim men

Take the issue of the grooming and sexual abuse of English girls by adult Muslim men. We have identified over 140 trials resulting in convictions of Muslims in over 50 cities and towns.

Of course not all sexual abusers are Muslims. Sadly, abuse by Muslim gangs over many years is a whole new layer on top of the terrible indigenous abuse.

To put it bluntly: if there were no Muslims here, this whole new layer of abuse would not exist. Our police, prosecutors and courts could take a breath and deal more effectively with the indigenous problem – which is not shrouded in political correctness.

Even in the period before our demonstration two more sexual assaults were reported in Peterborough: an assault in New Bank Road by an “Asian” and an alleged rape in Castor. The rape jihad continues in Peterborough.

Who is it then who is

destroying the harmonious relationship in the country and indeed in Peterborough?

2. Female Genital Mutilation – FGM

Mr Choudhuri writes:

FGM is a non-Islamic practice and such practices take place in some of the African countries

FGM may not be practised in his particular sect of Islam, but it is an obligation in another sect, the Dawoodi Bohra, and people from that sect were recently convicted in Australia for FGM of girls. What’s more, FGM is admired in the Hadith transmitted by Imam Al-Sadiq.

So far as “some of the African countries” are concerned, you will find that these are Muslim-majority countries. Is Mr Choudhuri trying to deflect attention away from Muslims of his own ethnic background and onto undifferentiated “Africans”?

Mr Choudhuri continues along the same lines:

Our understanding is that according to the NHS, such activities took place outside the UK.

The NHS is right: most mutilations recorded by the NHS have been inflicted outside the UK. Some of these were inflicted on British Muslim girls taken to Muslim countries for that purpose. Most mutilations recorded in Peterborough will have been inflicted in Muslim countries years before they have been detected by the NHS.

According to the NHS, at least 50 mutilations are inflicted in the UK every year. Over 50 crimes! The NHS know the victims, but have they reported the mutilations to the police? We don’t know. Did the police decide not to prosecute for “cultural/religious reasons”? We don’t know. Fifty unprosecuted life-changing assault crimes! Isn’t this the shameful pattern of official inaction that was exposed in Rotherham?

Mr Choudhuri’s obfuscation shows how sensitive he is about the topic. It is because people like Mr Choudhuri and the NHS try to hide the facts about Female Genital Mutilation that the EDL will continue to call out Islamic practices and Muslim people who inflict or hide these attacks on girls, girls who deserve the care and protection from this country which their own family denies them.

3. Terrorism in UK

Mr Choudhuri has wheeled out a verse from the Koran that he says

clearly states that to kill a single innocent person is equal to killing all mankind.

This is a reference to Koran 5:32. But 5:32 needs to be read in context. The context tells us that 5:32 applies to Jews, not Muslims. And 5:33, the very next verse, tells us that:

the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified 

So this is another misrepresentation. Few readers will have the fortitude to delve deeper into these verses, but – believe us – the Koran and the religion that flows from it are not peaceful.

Unless Mr Choudhuri’s mosque is an exception, at Friday prayers his congregation prays for victory over the kuffar (the non-believers) – reciting Koran 2:286. Prayers like this foster a mindset that is antagonistic to the English.

Dealing with Islamic terrorism – by charity or prevention?

Mr Choudhuri tells us that his mosque raised £1,000 for the victims of the Manchester bombing this year. He asks us what the EDL did.

Our response to the Islamic bombing in Manchester was not aimed at helping the wounded and bereaved from this Islamic attack. We in Britain are well-equipped to deal with the effects of terrorist attacks: emergency medicine, trauma counselling and providing comfort. But we are apparently at a loss in confronting the causes of violent attacks by self-declared Islamists on innocent citizens. That’s where the EDL can make a significant contribution: using our public demonstrations – like the one in Peterborough – to focus on prevention. We argue for unfettered public discussion so governments and communities can make sound judgements based on all the relevant facts to take action against the source of the threat and deal with it directly, decisively and effectively.

The English Defence League will continue its program of demonstrations in 2018

Mr Choudhuri says

Everyone has the right in a democratic society to march peacefully on the issues which concern the people

Exactly. But he errs when he adds

the EDL march is neither peaceful nor concerning the most decent people of Peterborough. EDL’s tactics are to provoke people and create violence and get into media headlines.

We were peaceful in Peterborough. We marched peacefully. Then we delivered speeches. We had prepared speeches for the citizens of Peterborough, but when a crowd gathered deliberately to oppose us, drown us out, abuse us, and even had to be restrained by the police from attacking us, we switched from information and education to the verbal battle that was forced upon us.

We will continue our program of national and local demonstrations in 2018 to alert the public and decision-makers to the Islamist threat.


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  1. Lol, the muslims raised £1000, that’s the equivalent of beating someone nearly to death, breaking their neck, slashing their wrists, and then offering them an icepack for their blackened eye whilst you watch them lie there dying!

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