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The original and the best – Nine years old today

Beginning about 150 years ago British manufacturers of household items staked out a claim to the market for their products with the slogan “The Original And The Best”. From boot polish and patent medicines to soaps and bicycle tyres, The Original And The Best was a public claim that laid out a challenge to competitors.

The English Defence League is nine years old today and we have a nine year old claim to being The Original and The Best of the counter-jihad organisations in England.

Other groups have come and gone, but we came and stayed.

Well meaning individuals have begun with bold pronouncements and noble ambitions but buckled because they lacked a base of supporters who would stick with them through thick and thin. The counter-jihad space is not for the faint-hearted. The English Defence League has a core of loyal foot soldiers, men and women, who are always there, demonstration after demonstration and on social media between demonstrations, living proof of our claim to be The Original And The Best.

The English Defence League was founded in Luton in June 2009. Tommy Robinson emerged as our leader but left in 2013 – so we have marched on with different leadership arrangements – holding 37 national demonstrations, and many regional ones, since Robinson’s departure.

Our program of demonstrations continues and will continue while the threat of Islam to our country, our people and our future persists. Although the numbers at our demonstrations are fewer than at our peak, we know that for every foot soldier on the streets, hundreds if not thousands are thinking “Good on ’em – they are doing for me and my family what I can’t”.

Join The Original And The Best in Worcester on 21 July where we will be demonstrating against the proposal by Muslims to build a super-mosque in an English cathedral town.



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