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The Remainers’ Project Fear is claiming victims across England




Many of these were the people whose interests it claimed to be defending.

In the lead-up to the referendum vote, the “Remain” camp spread exaggerated claims about what our leaving the EU would mean. Because these claims came from prominent people, they were believed.

But it was all politics: grandstanding and scaremongering.

And now many of the same are gloating “I told you so”.

Abuse – We have heard of a few idiots abusing people who look – to them – to be un-English. These few idiots are also usually bullies, occasionally in groups abusing lone women in hijabs. We, the EDL, have no truck with abuse and bullying. If this bullying amounts to a criminal offence, you won’t find us supporting the bullies at their trials.

We have no argument with individual Muslims – but we do object to the behaviour and actions of certain Muslims (often their behaviour and actions are detailed in English courts).

We do have an argument with Islam, particularly its imperialistic, arrogant expansion into England and English society – what we call Islamisation. We will stand up to that.

But we won’t be bullying or abusing individual Muslims merely because they are Muslim and particularly when they are vulnerable. If you want to know what serious bullying and abuse looks like, read the reports of grooming gang trials, like this one from Oxford last week:


Fears of being unwelcome – We have heard of people from Europe who have married here to English spouses who are now worried about their futures. Project Fear had led them to believe they will be deported. Some now express the feeling that they “are not welcome” any more. RIDICULOUS! People who are here legally have no reason to fear anything. The EDL and all the “Leave” voters we know are law-abiding and support legal and controlled immigration.

For many, acquiring British citizenship will be straightforward. For others (well into the future, years away), they will be able to apply for visas if they wish. The few criminals will be weeded out in the visa process, but Britain won’t be cutting off its nose to spite its face.

Productive people who apply to enter and remain here under UK rules, and those who will contribute to this country in any number of ways will be welcome. If people “don’t feel welcome”, they will have to deal with their feelings and we hope the reality will quickly influence their feelings positively. It will be the responsibility of Theresa May’s government to reassure people without watering down the Brexit decision.

  • We can’t speak for our government, but we must remember that our vote for Brexit was a vote for British independence and the autonomy of the British Parliament. After Brexit (likely in 2018 or 2019), whatever the future holds, it will be a future decided by the people we elect as MPs, not foreign rulers in the Council of the European Union or Brussels bureaucrats negotiating weak compromises that cave in to the EU’s most powerful members.
  • The way things are shaping up, the sore losers from the referendum vote are going to continue stirring up unwarranted fears as the second phase of their Project Fear is stoked by anti-democratic forces, hard-left opportunists and gullible “victims”. Under it all, the divisive forces of Islamisation will seek to capitalise on these manufactured discontents to their own advantage.

The English Defence League will continue exposing and opposing Islam and all its evil deeds and consequences. There’s plenty of positive things for the millions of others who love this country to do too.

Updated: July 19, 2016 — 1:27 pm


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  1. Lets get rid of the human rights .that allow Hamza and all the others to live here. cost us a fortune in housing (mansions) benefits. legal aid. disability living allowance. who knows what else they get.

    1. We don’t get mansions, me and my 4 siblings only get a 6 bedroom house, that’s only one for storage, an the little one need to share a room!! my english neighbors actually even have a 52 inch TV when w only have a 50 inch one. My dad’s benefits can barely afford us a decent TV and up think we are the problem? You think Allah is the issue? Blessings be upon him.

  2. what about the family of 10. from france just been given £425 k brand new house. your all scroungers. if we did not have such a marvelous benefits system would you all come here. where else do you get free NHS & DENTAL treatment, free houses . not surprising you see my country as the promised land.
    my people are homeless in temp accom. who gets new houses you bloody lot.my fellow service man when they leave our forces get nothing.
    i detest you all. your not going to bleed my country dry. if war were to break out would you fight for England ??

  3. Janice Rushforth-Lee

    I voted to leave an organisation I was opposed to since its inception in the 1950s. Anyone with half a brain could see what was wrong, that Germany would try to do monetarily what it could not do militarily in 1939,the domination of Europe, Merkel, in my opinion, is the female version of Hitler.

    When we joined, we were not able to trade with our own Commonwealth, like Australia and Canada and New Zealand, that’s why they had to go elsewhere,

  4. At last it looks like brexit is about to begin. As for Sturgeon you do what you want.
    The sooner we get rid of the human rights act. As soon as we require visas for entry here. As soon as we get a points system, AND most of all bring in National ID cards. so you cant sign on benefits with several different names. you cant get housing benefits you cant claim for all your kids back in your own countries. Oh i cant wait
    As for those 4 vile animals who lost their right to live in the UK. vile perverts who prey on our girls.Yes lets start to deport them, anyone who breaks the Laws of our land. And the vetting so criminals cant get in my country to start with.
    Lets build holding centres like Australia.
    Lets Get our country back up off its knees NOW

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