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We condemn the jihadist martyrdom attack in Westminster

The English Defence League condemns the jihadist martyrdom attack in Westminster yesterday afternoon, 22 March 2017.
The English Defence League also condemns the politicians, media, ‘community leaders’, and organisations who are reading this statement solely to find something to condemn in our words, our tone, our stand. We’ll do our best to embarrass you, so keep reading.

An Islamic attack on our people and our values
The Prime Minister said the attack was a serious assault on the “values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech”. It was also an assault on ordinary people in London – up to 40 were injured, 40 that the jihadist would like to have killed outright.
Despite the unambiguous nature of the attack, the Metropolitan Police warned that “our Muslim communities will feel anxious at this time because of the past behaviour of extreme right wing groups”.
But Muslim communities were not in the stabbing line. We were. We feel anxious. Muslims were not singled out by the jihadist as he barrelled his car along the pavement on Westminster Bridge. That was us. And PC Keith Palmer (ex-Gunner Palmer of the Royal Artillery) was singled out as a serving police officer.
The jihadist was implementing the regular Friday prayer from the Koran (2:286) for victory over the kuffar. He was “striking terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” (Koran 8:12). Join the dots people, because if you don’t do it now, we will have many more tragic opportunities in the future.

An Islamic martyrdom operation, not a suicide attack
Yesterday’s car and knife jihad attack was designed as a martyrdom operation. The jihadist was hoping to die in war. Martyrdom through violent jihad offers Muslims a direct route to eternal life in paradise, bypassing Islam’s hell. The martyrs apparently believe that they will enter paradise instantly, having earned Allah’s redemption, when the first drop of their martyr’s blood is spilled and even while their earthly heart is still beating.

We have been conditioned to play down Islamic terrorism
Mayor Khan told us months ago that terrorist attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city.” His message was designed to numb us in advance to attacks like yesterday’s, to defuse our outrage and to disempower us. It was also designed to deflect criticism from his leadership.

How not to respond to the Westminster attack
We predict that TellMAMA and others who regularly run interference when events like this happen will be reporting to an eager BBC and Guardian over the next few days about Muslims being ticked off or sneered at. We will be saddened if a totally innocent Muslim has her hijab interfered with by a cowardly bully. But if Muslims continue to strut defiantly in “the uniform” in the midst of an event like this, they have to expect some kickback.
We will not condone such kickback, but we will understand the anger of ordinary English people. We urge people who feel this anger to direct their attention in more positive directions.

How to respond to the Westminster attack
This is a time for action. This is not the time to go along with the elites who want us to be stoical and show our defiance by continuing to go about our daily business. Showing defiance by doing nothing? It is time to take a new course, to do things differently:
• Join us in our national demonstration in Derby on Saturday 8 April.
• Or, donate to us because we can be relied on to use donations to continue the struggle against Islam, no matter what. We do not weary.
• Or, again, support other organisations active in the counter-jihad in Britain; there are many and there is bound to be one pretty close to your own style.
Yes, now is the time for action. New action. Invigorated action. Action away from the keyboard. Effective action.

Updated: September 19, 2017 — 3:30 pm


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  1. 1. look at change.org. a petition to impeach khan. links to extremism. can you all sign it please.
    2. this filthy coward who carried out these attacks, is / was being investigated for benefits fraud. what a surprise.
    3. you muslims bring it on yourselves. you dont want to mix with us.your ostracise your selves. you try and change our christian country. our high streets are now full of cheap pound shops, other tacky looking shops.since you came here in the 70s. there has been a marked decline in our country. when you walk down our streets you can see your houses. usually the ones who have junk thrown in the front, rubbish old furniture. our councils. were usually on top of you lot. now you run the councils.enough said there.
    our schools are a mess, teachers cant cope.
    NHS full of parasites, that have not paid a penny into the service, but gladly fleece it
    crime carried out by immigrants, so the police now need costly interpreters.
    AND you MP S cant see why there is so much anxiety.you muslims have brought it on yourselves by years of abuse, on my country.
    WHY should we feel sorry for you. is it not your karma. what goes around comes around.
    stop making the muslims out to be victims they have brought hatred to their doors.
    you have brought my country to its knees. we are to soft.we welcomed you here in the 70 s you all got and still do get housing, benefits.
    what do we get in return. a knife in the back. because its all you know. we need to start repatriating you all. so we can take our country back.
    there would be enough jobs and housing for our kids.
    our streets can once again be safe from molesters and barbarians like you muslims

  2. Why, on 23rd March, the day after the attack itself, were the EDL already believing the official version of events that was being peddled by the major political parties and the mainstream mass media, especially the untrustworthy BBC, that this attack was an act of Islamic terrorism? I agree that what happened could have been a “jihadist martyrdom attack” (as you put it here), and that the attack should be condemned if it was that kind of attack, and if it wasn’t for that matter. But to what inside information did the EDL have access, that nobody outside the intelligence services had access to and which still hasn’t been made public, that enabled the EDL to jump to the conclusion that the BBC began asserting, on the day of the attack itself?

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