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We Stand with the Victims

Gary Butler, EDL Walsall demo

7 April 2018

Walsall, UK

It is great to stand here with you today.

We stand because the Government refuses to stand up for us and the thousands of young women and girls abused by Muslim gangs up and down this country.  We call it rape jihad because it is not only an attack on the individual girls it is an attack on the foundation of this country, on our future mothers.  It is jihad because it is inspired by Mohammed, the founder of Islam, and the theology of the Quran.  In all the wars Mohammed was involved in non-Muslim girls and women became mere war booty, sex slaves who were used and abused and then sold for profit.  And the same thing is happening now in this country!  Many Muslims have declared war on us and they are following the example of their leader Mohammed.

The Government refuses to stand for controlled immigration.  Because of the lack of vigorous enforcement of border controls thousands of so-called children enter into the country pretending to be refugees.  But if you look at them anyone with any sense can see that they are not children.

The Government refuses to stand for proper food labelling which tells us that we are buying halal food and products.  Halal certification costs money and that money goes to fund ‘causes of Allah’, as the Quran clearly stipulates.  Halal is a Muslim employment scheme which drives prices down and drives non-Muslim butchers out of the business.  In Christian terms it is also idolatry since the meat is dedicated to Allah as it is slaughtered.  Of course, the process pays no attention to the suffering of the animals.

The Government refuses to stand for integration when the Sharia-pushers insist on separate facilities between Muslims and non-Muslims and between men and women.  Not one prosecution for Female Genital Mutilation has succeeded yet in this country even though it has been illegal for 30 years and the NHS has recorded thousands of cases in that time.

The Government refuses to stand for equality under the law; it is seriously contemplating one law for Muslims and another for non-Muslims as it still considers the rights and wrongs of full face coverings in public and even in courts of law for accused people as well as for witnesses.

The rot of Islam is drawing our young people away toward terrorism.  Here in Walsall alone four converts to Islam are associated with terrorism – two of them are linked with ISIS and Syria.

So we stand here in Walsall to say, like our weak prime minister has said: ‘Enough is enough.’

But her just saying it, is not enough!

The rape jihad must stop and resources must be allocated to rout out these criminals and more importantly to attack and destroy the hatred of non-Muslims and particularly women that is part and parcel of the teachings of Islam.

It is our right and duty to encourage our Government to do its job – to defend and protect this country!

The Sharia-pushers need to know that we will push back and never give up our birth-right as English citizens to our traditional values and customs.

The English Defence League has been pushing back now — for going on 8 years.  Little, but some progress has been made but we will not be satisfied until the misogyny, cruelty and terror of Islam are banished from this green and pleasant land.

No surrender!

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