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Telford Grooming Gangs: Why?

On 12 May 2018, we went to Wellington/Telford to demonstrate our concerns about the Muslim grooming gangs and Islamification of our country.  The Police failed to follow through with their promises to allow the demonstration to take place, so we cancelled it.  Read here

However, we share now a speech that was to be given that day.

Welcome to Telford!  Thank you for coming and supporting us and the victims of the rape jihad taking place in this country.

There are two aspects to this fierce struggle that I would like to speak about today.

The first I will mention is our country’s apparent inability or refusal to see the problem for years.

The second is of course the criminal and mafia-like actions of the followers of Mohammed.

Regarding the first aspect I will highlight just a few points.

The first is fear.  But fear of what?

Can it be that our police, the best trained in the world and with the best reputation are afraid of these gangs of rapists?  Not really. They could take them on if they are given the green light by their bosses to do so. The fear seeping through the Police force is the fear of being called racist.  The charge of racism, even if unproven, can blight and destroy careers.

Also, political correctness stops open and honest discussion of these crimes.  Can it really be true that a large proportion of our Muslim population, guided by and inspired by Islam, are involved in these crimes?  These are just some of the things you are not supposed to talk about in polite conversation.

The law is not enforced either because of ‘political policing’.  The Crown Prosecution Services, the Police and social services look to the Media and so-called community leaders to gauge what is permissible.  There is reluctance and even refusal to enforce the law of consent which my colleague Gary has (or will speak about) spoken of.

In Telford alone it is estimated that 1,000 girls have been abused. One victim, Lucy Lowe, 16, was killed alongside her mother and sister in an arson attack. The arsonist was Azhar Ali Mehmood, who had raped and made her pregnant when she was only 14. Police never even bothered to charge Mehmood with her abuse.

Terrorism via witness intimidation continues long after the sexual abuse stops. Testifying against these rape jihadists takes great courage. One victim is under police protection and fears that the only way to protect her family is to kill herself.  You can see why many abused girls might not report their abuse – they remain silent to protect their families from threatened violence.

The Government is currently working on a definition of Islamophobia (a politically-charged and made-up word) that can be, and I quote: “widely accepted by Muslim communities…”  But whatever they come up with I assure you that it will not be acceptable to you and me!

But let’s be clear.  Crime comes from criminals.  Reacting to and protecting the community is an ongoing task but it would not be necessary if the crime did not exist in the first place.

For these crimes the English Defence League lays the blame squarely on Islam and the Muslim community.

Their Quran says: “Jews and Christians are the worst of creatures.” (Koran 98:6)

Their leader Mohammed in his many battles against non-Muslims provided sex slaves for his warriors as booty.

The attitude of disregard, disrespect and hatred toward non-Muslims is taught in the Quran and exemplified by that so-called perfect man, Mohammed.

And does anyone believe that these thousands of Muslim men who abuse, rape, and pimp-out non-Muslim girls are acting without the explicit or implicit consent and knowledge of many in the wider Muslim community?

Hell No!

To cite just a few examples: We know that in the ‘Trojan Horse’ schools children as young as six were told that Western non-Muslim women are nothing more than “white prostitutes.”

Judge Gerald Clifton, summing up the notorious 2012 Rochdale trial said:

“All of you treated them as though they were worthless and beyond any respect. One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion.”

The English Defence League will not stop bringing our message to the wider public until a great push back wipes this scourge from our land.

No surrender!


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