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What is it with Islam and dogs?


[The above image demonstrates the outrage of a Muslim when another Muslim arranged a “Touch a Dog Day“]

In the Hadith, we find Mohammed ordering the killing of all dogs. Then he changed his mind, demanding that only black dogs be killed  – because they were Satan – and that hunting dogs and guard dogs be spared.

Islamic ‘scholars’ go beyond their scripture. The contemporary Shia spiritual authority Ali al-Sistani shows the Islamic mindset: The following ten things are essentially impure: urine, faeces, semen, dead body, blood, dog, pig, Kuffar (non-Muslims), alcoholic liquors, the sweat of an animal who persistently eats unclean things.

Search Google Images for Muslims and dogs. You’ll find pictures of Muslims cuddling their pet dogs – but other pictures of dogs being kicked, shot, stabbed, stoned, crucified, starved, thrashed against the ground, pierced with spears and beaten.

The picture is not clear. But give sharia-pushers the opportunity stand on their high horse, and they go for it: almost weekly we hear of a Muslim taxi driver refusing to allow a guide dog into their cab. More distressingly, we hear of abuse of dogs by people with an Islamic heritage.

So what’s going on?

We have to look a little deeper. Let’s begin on familiar ground: our own English culture.

Outdoor pursuits and nature are embedded in our culture

Back in March Dr Christian Solomonides made news with his politically incorrect Tweets including one in which he observed he had “never met a Muslim who was into classical music, outdoor pursuits or nature.”

He was pretty right: if you want to take your kids to a Muslim-free zone, try a place associated with outdoor pursuits and nature: a petting zoo, an agricultural show or a ferry in the Lake District for example.

English children and nature

We English happily combine our love of the countryside with our love of animals – we even use this gentle affection to pass down our culture to our children:

  • “All things bright and beautiful,
 All creatures great and small …” goes the hymn
  • “Little Boy Blue come blow your horn; the sheep’s in the meadow, the cow’s in the corn …” goes the nursery rhyme
  • Peppa Pig, Rupert Bear, Fred Bassett, Shaun the Sheep, Pigling Bland
  • The Jungle Book, Wind in the Willows, Tarka the Otter, Watership Down.

The list is endless. And Americans, with their British heritage, have developed the relationship with animals in their own way: Lassie and the Disney movies featuring animals and the natural world – like The Lion King and Finding Nemo.

Many English children learn about the cycle of life by watching the birth of kittens or puppies – because we are a nation of pet-lovers.

English culture and nature

In Christianity, Jesus is called the Lamb of God. Mohammed was not the Goat of Allah.

Animals are often adopted as mascots by our Army regiments.

In the natural world, it is no coincidence that Charles Darwin, David Attenborough and Bear Grylls are English. Round-the-world yachtsmen, mountaineers, horse owners, bird watchers, explorers and even ramblers and gardeners  – in all these fields the English are over-represented.

The English concern for animal welfare

The RSPCA was the first animal welfare organisation of its kind – founded in England. There’s nothing like it in any Muslim country.

The English-speaking world had some of the earliest zoos – and we have been transforming these since the 1950s by replacing cages with enclosures that replicate the animals’ natural environment – where they can eat their natural food.

Our concern for animal welfare can be seen in our legislation to guide the treatment of animals and to punish their mistreatment.

Islam’s contempt for animal welfare

But recently this feature of our culture has been disrupted by the demand from Muslims that we change our legislation and our attitude to animals – part of our culture to accommodate their rigid insistence on cruel halal slaughter.

Islam and dogs

Muslims generally consider dogs to be on a par with rats: scavengers and ritually unclean.

However, Muslims in the UK are able to impose their cultural prejudices about dogs onto the English majority. This mirrors Muslim cultural preferences for female genital mutilation (FGM) and face veils – other practices not required by their religion, but which they celebrate to mark themselves off from English kuffar society and to bully us.

British police have to submit to non-British rules when they use sniffer dogs near Muslims. Airport working dogs are not permitted to contact Muslim passengers, only their luggage. We have buckled to Muslim demands for special treatment and so we dress police dogs in leather booties when they are searching mosques or Muslim homes.

Just two more ways that Muslims are elbowing their way to the front

So, not only are Muslims disrupting our culture, they are attempting to derail it – in these two of so many ways.

  • First, by enabling and formalising greater animal cruelty here by halal slaughter.
  • Secondly, by making us change our English ways to accommodate their prejudices against dogs – in ways that eat away at part of what it means to be English.

What can we do about it?

Support a group that is working to protect English culture. There are thousands! You may choose the English Defence League. But you could also join and support The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, The Church of England – or pick from a thousand others. And become active.

Teach your kids those English nursery rhymes, introduce them to English nature writing, get them outdoors – raising a sweat on a day on the moors, exploring local countryside footpaths, mountain biking, fishing, camping, cycle touring (a Yorkshire specialty). Visit family who live in rural villages. Let your kids have a pet (this will be work for you) or sponsor an animal at a nearby zoo.

By EDL Writers



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  1. my dog is an english bull terrier great with kids but doesnt like other dogs every morning on the school run when we walk past familys of muslims all with five bearded kids they act as if i have a gun pointed at there heads or as if my dog “popeye” is growling at them ready to kill , i have never seen such fear for no reason so now i bring him at home time to cheer myself up !

    1. Take the dog off the lead

      1. this is interesting, it my make them next door put a fence up. I wont have to see them or hear them piss and spit in the drains. I never go in my garden now because the muslim tenants are so vile they make my stomach churn. their worse than dogs, no control of the kids.. at least dogs are well trained. and soon learn how to behave when I complained to the police about the way the spat and behaved.. the WPC said quote
        but its what they do.. ya in Pakistan not here in England

  2. Good article .. I’m sure when all this dog hatred began it was much easier
    & more enjoyable to take a sheep for a walk ..

  3. But all the Bloody Smack Dealers have a pit bull, and the majority of them are not Ethnic English.

    1. Yes that’s why we all need to sort out the blight of our towns everything from smack dealers(ain’t we in afgan stopping it at source)all the way through to terrorist’s both foreign and domestic,never mind our so called leaders who don’t give a fuck about the people unless them people work at Goldman Sachs.
      Look at the children who i may add have been sold out to 4-5generations who are being hunted by Muslim gangs to be sold as sex slaves.Makes you wonder why after 4 Vip peado rings are exposed nothing happens apart from whitewash.This needs to end

  4. this will only get worse. we have a muslim mayor, simply because there are not enough English people living in our London boroughs. I believe we have over 200 MPs. how have we let this get this far. give it 5 years and our kids will be in the minority. in the council offices who runs them, so who gets all the council houses. who runs all the job centres, who do you see behind all the post offices. corner shops.
    They say history repeats itself… is this not how NAZI GERMANY STARTED

  5. I’m not really a dog person but I’m appalled by Islamic teachings and their views on dogs. I’m also very against Halal.

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